Friday, January 22, 2016

Clown Noses

We had our last loft party, before spring semester starts.
Our last party was suppose to be our last hurrah, but people asked if he could have one more.
Victoria and I are always up for a good time!

The one downside to our party was that Victoria had a 8am appointment to get her wisdom teeth removed. We had every intention of dragging your butts out of bed for it hungover or not, but Victoria got the brilliant idea to cancel her appointment while completely wasted. 
Somehow she actually managed to cancel it.
Oh Victoria.

We started out drinking pink pantie droppers, which we have decided to ban from our parties!
We make terrible decisions while drinking them.
This was definitely one of our weirder parties, but it made for some great stories.

Someone found our clown noses and brought them out for a photo op. 
They were a huge hit with drunk people!
I guess sober people can't resist a clown nose either.
Jacob the fire breather put on another show, which might be a staple at our parties, until the neighbors complain.
Nurse Rae made an appearance and that's where my time went for the majority of the party.
I've decided that I am destined to be a nurse, because even when I'm completely fucked up myself, I still can pull myself together to take care of people. 

Winter Break 2015/2016 you were filled with adventure and good times.
I'm sad to see you go, but at least I know you were well spent.

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