Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Co-workers and 21st birthdays

I've been trying to fit as much into this winter break as I possibly can.
During the semester there is always something that I could be doing regarding school, so I'm enjoying my time off to the fullest! It is great being able to watch Netflix and not feel guilty. Of course I have been doing more than just that.

My girl Sarah turned the big 2-1 a few days after I got back from NYC.
Sydney and I came for a few hours to celebrate with her.
Unfortunately, I got scheduled to work the next day, which meant that I couldn't truly party with her.
I still owe her a drink!
It was so great seeing my girls and celebrating with them.
They are the best things I got out of high school. 

I also spent two nights in a row drinking with my co-workers.
Victoria and I work with some really great people.
Our time at work is spent joking around, singing, dancing, and goofing off.
I mean we do our job, but most of the time it doesn't feel like it.
Brandon is wearing pants, but they were a flesh color. Makes for a great picture!

In ten years, when we all have adult jobs and real responsibilities, we will look at this time fondly.
It's a time where our biggest concerns are going to work hungover or customers bitching at us, because we gave them the wrong drink. It's a time to really take in and enjoy it to the fullest!

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