Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 7: Statue of Liberty, the MET, Charging Bull

We woke up feeling sad that it was our last day in New York City. Why do vacations go by so quickly? We did a great job at crossing off all the things on our list of "must see's" and felt good about all that we did accomplish during our trip!
Victoria had a friend from middle school contact her and asked to hang out.
Her name is Isabel and she lives in New York!
We had the most delicious breakfast at the Cornerstone Cafe with her.
She then walked with us to Battery Park.
We stopped and took a picture with the Charging Bull...technically we just took a picture with his balls. We are very classy people!
The security to get on he ferry heading to Liberty Island is just like airport security.
I realized that I had my taser and pepper spray in my purse.
Isabel offered to take them with her to work and we could just pick them up afterwards!
She just happens to be a security guard at Madison Square Garden!
The ferry ride to Liberty Island was a bit intense.
It was very windy and the ferry was very rocky!
Our actual time on Liberty Island was short, but we walked around the Statue of Liberty and got pictures. It was a nice stroll and I highly recommend it!

We then got back on the ferry and went back to Battery Park.
We hopped on the subway and made our way to Madison Square Garden.
While Isabel was making sure people didn't have any weapons on them, she handed me my weapons.
Oh the irony.

Madison Square Garden is really close to an H&M store and I just happened to have a gift card!
So after eating pizza for lunch we did a little shopping. 
I have spent way too much money on clothing here!
Afterwards, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
As Gossip Girl fans we needed a picture of us on the steps!
I also stopped to buy some chocolates for my family.
Our plan after this was to head back home and pack, except we ran into our friend Doris.
So invited us out to get drinks and dinner with her.
We couldn't refuse the offer!
So we ended our night with drinks at the Crown Royal, more drinks and dinner at Berg'n, and finally made it home to pack! We slept for 3 hours and woke up at 2am in order to make it to our 6am flight on time. That involved two trains, one bus, and a 45 minute wait to check-in all with our backpacking backpacks on our backs and our regular backpacks on our front. It was a rough journey, but we made it!

New York you have captured my heart once again.
I hope to be back once again and hopefully for more than just a visit!

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