Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve in Times Square

Celebrating New Years Eve in Times Square has always been on my bucket list.
It almost felt surreal being able to take part in the celebration!
Victoria and I had heard that security is crazy, bathrooms are nonexistent, and we wouldn't be able to drink at the actual event. 
So we drank an entire bottle of alcohol before we headed to Times Square.
That wasn't one of our smarter decisions.
The alcohol hit us on the subway, which made for a great ride!

Once we got off the subway the craziness started!
The subway station was packed with people and cops.
They had a ton of exits blocked so it was really hard trying to get out.
Once we finally escaped we had to pee so badly!
We found a Starbucks and waited in line for what felt like forever.
After going to the bathroom we hit the streets again.
Our tickets gave us directions on where to enter the event, but the cops wouldn't let us enter.
I'm pretty sure half the cops didn't have a clue about what was going on.
Finally, I sweet talked a cop into letting us into the barricades, but I had lost Victoria in the process.
Once she was found my new cop friend let her enter as well!

We then found ourselves in this huge crowd trying to cross the street.
The cops would only let 6 people across at a time.
There was probably a few hundred if not more waiting in line.
We pushed our way to the front and finally got across the street!
Our first stop in Times Square was Ripley's Believe It or Not.
We both had never been to one!
There was free food and drinks which we took full advantage of!
The exhibits were really cool as well.
Somehow we ended up getting our face painted in the "kids" section.
We also befriended a kid named Declan and his mom while waiting in line.
I wish my parents would have brought me to Times Square for New Years as a kid!
We drank copious amounts of wine and befriended all of the bartenders!
After an hour we decided it was time to move on to the next place.
 n our way to the next location we chatted up some girls from Connecticut.
I have no idea what we even talked about, but I somehow got one of their numbers and this picture. 

We then walked to Guy's American Kitchen where we got more free food and drinks!
We once again flirted with bartenders like crazy. 
At one point we ended up in an elevator with some girls.
We were taking pictures and kept going up and down.
Victoria ended up falling just as the doors opened in front of a security guard.
He started to escort us out, but we got away!
After a ton of vodka and cranberries and the security guys eyeing us up we left.

We hung out outside in the crowd for a while.
It was super packed and we had tickets to Bowlmor.
We walked into Bowlmor and the security guard immediately stopped us.
He apparently thought Victoria was too drunk and wouldn't let us in.

So we walked away and hatched a plan to get in anyway!
I entered with a huge crowd and made sure to avoid the mean security guard.
I successfully entered, but lost Victoria in the process.
I watched as she attempted to make it in herself and get stopped by the same security guard who escorted her out. 
At this point, I was so annoyed and was tempted to leave Victoria in the dust.
I entered the elevator and then felt guilty for leaving her.
So I waited for the mean security guard to leave and I went to sweet talk the rest of the guards.
Somehow I was successful and they let Victoria through after I promised that she wouldn't drink anymore and that I would watch her.

Of course we ordered more drinks as we got upstairs.
We drank some more, took over someones bowling alley and got kicked out of that lane.
At one point, I was in the bathroom and some girl stopped me.
She said that a girl from Wales with face paint and dreads was stuck outside and wondered if I knew her. Just then Victoria walks out of the stall and the girl cannot believe that Victoria made it past security! Apparently, earlier Victoria was attempting to gain entry by claiming to be from Wales. The rest of the night we walked around with accents.

Before we knew it the ball was about to drop and 2015 was about to end!
We literally turned to the big black security guys next to us and ask if they will be our new years eve kiss. They laughed at us and agreed to do it! We also met a really nice cop who laughed at us and said that we should go and find some coffee.
After the ball dropped we had to attempt to get back home.
Victoria could barely walk and I was equally as drunk.
I dragged her to the nearest subway station and just prayed it was the right one.
Once in the subway station Victoria got in a shouting match with some christian protesters who said that because she was drunk that God wouldn't help her. What godly people! We boarded the train finally. We were suppose to get off at Franklin Ave, but Victoria was insistent that we get off on Franklin St, which was still in Manhattan! So we got off and then got stuck waiting 20 minutes for the next train. Finally, we got on the train and had about a 30 minute ride. Victoria passed out and I kept dozing off myself. I just happened to wake up as we got to the right stop! The second we got off the subway I ran to the trashcan and puked. Classy! I then proceeded to walk Victoria home.

It was one of those nights were you look back on and wonder how you survived or didn't end up in jail. It was probably my favorite New Years ever! There is nothing like getting drunk with a million people to ring in the new year. 

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