Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter loft party

What would winter break be without a loft party?
Our loft parties have become a staple within our friend group.
I never thought that I would be a host for college parties, but Victoria and I seem to rock our role as hosts. 
We have been having these parties for a year and a half already and they just keep getting better!

I invite my old friends, Victoria invites her old friends, we invite our mutual friends and our co-workers, our invited guests invite their friends and/or boyfriends/girlfriends. We just end up with a lot of random people who mesh really well together and become friends! I think it is because we have some amazing people in our lives.
It's always a surprise seeing who will walk through the door.
This particular party brought a blast from my past times two.
My co-worker Emily just happens to be roommates with a guy named Jordan and his fiance. 
I just happened to go to high school with Jordan and the last place I ever thought I would see him was at my house taking shots with me.

He got the nickname Jim Jones, because of the religious pedestal he put himself on.
We didn't get along at all, because we just had different views on life and what "fun" meant.
We talked a lot in between typical party shenanigan's and it was fantastic!
I love seeing how people change after high school.
Our minds were blown that we were hanging out and getting along.
We really buried the hatchet and agreed that it wouldn't be the last time we hung out.
Then a kid that I've known since I was 5 and happen to work with at Starbucks now showed up!

We were drinking pink pantie droppers all night, which always get the best of us!
We also had beer and wine galore.
Our friend Jacob has taken up the hobby of fire breathing.
So our parties have live entertainment now, besides the entertainment you get from being around a ton of drunk people.
I wonder what our neighbors think about us.

Our night flew by and the party started to shut down around 4am.
We all scrambled for places to sleep and the designated drivers took people home.
I didn't even get to sleep in my own bed!

I fell asleep really happy, because this is what being young is all about.
We are finding out who our true selves are. 
We are figuring out what we want out of life and who we want to be a part of it.
All of our paths will not always be along side each other, but it is important to appreciate the time where they are, because before we know it we will all be going our separate ways. 


Elisebeth Rodriguez said...

Jordan not only doing shots, but smoking? What has this world come to?!

Elisebeth Rodriguez said...

Also - I love the new blog background/font! Miss you girl - let me know if you're ever in the Twin Cities, Trev and I have a couch for you to sleep on!