Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The past few years I've been working really hard at getting to know my extended family. My mom has eight brothers and sisters so my extended family is fairly large. I've always gotten together with my family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and the occasional wedding/funeral. Of course, I saw certain family members more often, but others just stuck to those occasions. I understand every family is busy and that they are off living their own lives, but the lack of contact has always bothered me.

 So once I could drive myself around I took matters into my own hands. I would randomly invite my aunts to lunch or text my cousins and try to get to know them that way. This was really hard for me, because I'm awful at small talk and I hate texting! Everyone was always surprised when I reached out to them, which is crazy to me, because reaching out to family shouldn't be surprising. This went on for a few years with mainly me continuing to reach out, but the conversations got better and I really got to know my family.

This past year I have been more busy and reaching out less. Much to my surprise my family started to notice the lack of contact. All of a sudden I had my cousin and aunts inviting me out to lunch. I'm very in the know of the random happenings in the family, because I'm the only one that hangs out with everyone. My family members are always telling me how jealous they are of my relationship with everyone in the family! I must admit it was not an easy process and sometimes I still feel like my family could put in a little more effort.
I highly suggest trying to get to know your family members!
We often times let our busy lives get in the way of some really important relationships.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Peds and lunch

Quick update on my clinical experience: 
  • My clinical instructor assumed that I was working on my second degree, because I write and cite my papers like a pro. Thank you high school english class!
  • I had to keep a babies head straight and prevent his arms from flailing, while a nurse nasal suctioned him. It was awful and broke my heart! Besides that incident, I really enjoyed my clinical in the pediatric unit!
  • I love nurses. Well, I love the nurses that I have worked with so far. They are so funny, know how to bitch like no other, and are just bad ass individuals. I look forward to being one.
  • Last semester I had an awful clinical experience! Emily, Kaitlyn, and I started going to lunch after our Thursday clinical and we would just vent! We have continued that tradition this semester, but it involves less venting and more sharing of our experience. It is nice not having anything to complain 

Saturday, February 6, 2016


School has officially begun again. I started on January 25 and had my first exam on February 3, Nursing school is great. They like to cram in a lot of stuff in a short period of time. To be honest, I think it will be a great semester. I have clinicals in med-surg, OB, and my community clinical sites involve a wound care center, cardiac rehab, foot care, pediatrics, digestive health, and a clinic. Should be a good time!

I have already clipped old people's toe nails, got to follow around nurses in the wound care center, and see old people run on treadmills. The wound care clinic was really cool and I saw some intense/gross things. Wound care is definitely not a field of nursing I want to get into, but I now know I can stomach it! I also got to see and learn about hyperbaric chambers in use. My time at the cardiac rehabilitation center was a bit boring, because I felt like I was just at a gym watching people run on treadmills. 

I'm looking forward to my time in OB. I can't wait to see babies being born! That has always been a field I've been interested in. In my health promotion class, we are learning all about prepartum and postpartum women and how to take care of them. I will never know why women get pregnant on purpose. The whole process sounds and looks awful. All schools need to do is have teenagers shadow an OB nurse and that will be the best birth control around!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


School is back in session, which means everyone seems to be back to the school and work grind.
I already miss the free time that winter break brought. 
I'm having the hardest time getting back into school mode!
One night we went out to see a band at Anduzzi's.
It was a mixed group of Anthony's family/friends and the people that Victoria and I invited.
We drank, danced a bit, played pool, and just hung out.
Good ole' Anthony was suppose to be our ride back home, but probably got the most wasted out of all of us.
Chelsey saved the day(or night) and brought us home instead.

My friend Kayla turned 21 last Saturday.
She occasionally comes to our loft parties and is so sweet!
Victoria was out of town so I got to represent for the both of us.
She downed about 8 shots before I left at 11pm.
I can only imagine how the rest of the night went!

I also saw Liv at the party, because she is best friends with Kayla.
I haven't seen her since our road trip this past summer!
It has been nice continuing the fun into the semester.

I also watched Grease Live the other night, while writing a six page paper.
Multi-tasking is my best friend!
It was a little cheesy and definitely not as good as the movie, but I wasn't expecting it to be.
Overall, I ended up loving it!
Vanessa Hudgens performance was fantastic!
Rizzo has always been my favorite character and when I heard Gabriella Vanessa got the role I was surprised. She ended up being the best part of the show!

Drinking, watching musicals, and attending school is my life at the moment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Whenever people ask about my job they will hear that it is a fun disaster. I've mentioned before that the store is falling apart and not run very well, but we make the most out of it and have fun. Apparently, corporate took notice and our manager got fired. None of us were surprised, because she was a fun person, but not a good manager. I'm not sure what that means for the store environment, but I have a feeling it won't be as laid back before.
I hate change and I hope that this change isn't as awful as it sounds like it will be. 
At least I still have awesome co-workers!