Thursday, February 4, 2016


School is back in session, which means everyone seems to be back to the school and work grind.
I already miss the free time that winter break brought. 
I'm having the hardest time getting back into school mode!
One night we went out to see a band at Anduzzi's.
It was a mixed group of Anthony's family/friends and the people that Victoria and I invited.
We drank, danced a bit, played pool, and just hung out.
Good ole' Anthony was suppose to be our ride back home, but probably got the most wasted out of all of us.
Chelsey saved the day(or night) and brought us home instead.

My friend Kayla turned 21 last Saturday.
She occasionally comes to our loft parties and is so sweet!
Victoria was out of town so I got to represent for the both of us.
She downed about 8 shots before I left at 11pm.
I can only imagine how the rest of the night went!

I also saw Liv at the party, because she is best friends with Kayla.
I haven't seen her since our road trip this past summer!
It has been nice continuing the fun into the semester.

I also watched Grease Live the other night, while writing a six page paper.
Multi-tasking is my best friend!
It was a little cheesy and definitely not as good as the movie, but I wasn't expecting it to be.
Overall, I ended up loving it!
Vanessa Hudgens performance was fantastic!
Rizzo has always been my favorite character and when I heard Gabriella Vanessa got the role I was surprised. She ended up being the best part of the show!

Drinking, watching musicals, and attending school is my life at the moment.

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