Thursday, February 11, 2016

Peds and lunch

Quick update on my clinical experience: 
  • My clinical instructor assumed that I was working on my second degree, because I write and cite my papers like a pro. Thank you high school english class!
  • I had to keep a babies head straight and prevent his arms from flailing, while a nurse nasal suctioned him. It was awful and broke my heart! Besides that incident, I really enjoyed my clinical in the pediatric unit!
  • I love nurses. Well, I love the nurses that I have worked with so far. They are so funny, know how to bitch like no other, and are just bad ass individuals. I look forward to being one.
  • Last semester I had an awful clinical experience! Emily, Kaitlyn, and I started going to lunch after our Thursday clinical and we would just vent! We have continued that tradition this semester, but it involves less venting and more sharing of our experience. It is nice not having anything to complain 

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