Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Idaho: Part 3

On Friday, Victoria and I decided to venture out on our own. We do love my family, but can only handle being with them for short amounts of time. A week of constant contact was getting to us. So we hit the road and headed to Logan, Utah. My cousin graduated from Utah State University, which just happens to be in Logan. We tried to get some good suggestions on places to go, but she kept giving us lame suggestions like the mall.

She did say that we had to eat at Herm's Inn. That was our first stop in Logan and she was right! The food was phenomenal and the environment was cute. The place was right up our alley! I highly suggest it if you ever find yourself in Logan, Utah...which you probably won't.

We then drove around and parked the car. It was time to go explore the town. Our first stop was a thrift store that was less than impressive, but thanks to that stop we found two cute places! The Spirit Goat sells goat milk soap, lotions, essential oils, etc. Victoria loved the place!

We walked around for a bit and found ourselves in an Antique Store. We browsed, took pictures, tried on ridiculous things, and I ended up buying a cute red lantern for our room!

We had passed Caffe Ibis earlier in the day and decided to stop for some coffee.
We read, did homework, and people watched for about an hour.
The people watching was great!
The town is full of cute young hipsters and cute hippy old people. 

After our people watching, we walked around a took pictures of ourselves.
We got some great shots and got see parts of the city most people don' alley ways and inside abandoned buildings. Afterwards, we stopped back at Caffe Ibis for smoothies and headed back to Idaho. Deciding that we weren't ready to go back we stopped at Cooper's for a drink...which turned into dinner..and even more drinks. 
Cooper's was our go to spot last summer in Idaho and holds many dear drunken memories. 
It felt weird not being there with Julie, Liv, our favorite bartenders, and the creepy old guys.

Fortunately for us, Cooper's doesn't disappoint and we always leave with a story.
A 29 year old named Jason was sitting a few seats away from us and had apparently been listening to our conversation. We mentioned wanting to order Lemon Drop shots. Jason so kindly butted into our conversation when he told the bartender he would buy us shots...of Jameson. We aren't ones to say no to free alcohol, but a shot of whiskey is different than a shot of lemon flavored vodka and sugar. 
We continued to talk with him and he invited us over to his cabin.
Victoria and I had just finished 32 ounces of beer and a nasty Jameson shot so we honestly thought about going, but since our phones were both dead, we decided to make the smart decision...invite him over to my aunt and uncles! Why did we think it would be smart to invite him there? Well, we had briefly given up the rundown of our vacation and the craziness of my family. We also aren't very good at saying no. So I was thinking he would decline the offer. I thought wrong. So we brought home a random man, which my aunt interrogated, but the guys drank beer and bonded over politics. So it wasn't that awful!

Once he hit the two beer limit my aunt gave him he decided to head back to his cabin, but so kindly invited us again! My dad and uncle were not set on the idea so we stayed back. The guys you meet in Idaho sure are interesting fellows.
The rest of the night involved more drinking in the garage, lots of discussions on politics, fighting about politics, stories about the past, and many good laughs! It was the perfect last night in Idaho. We stumbled back to the house later that night and decided that pictures needed to be taken! I love my crazy family.
Idaho was the perfect destination for our spring break.
It might not have been filled with drunk college students(besides us of course), it was exactly what we needed. A break from the craziness of everyday life! I never leave Idaho feeling disappointed and I look forward to returning soon. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Idaho: Part 2

Idaho's weather was all over the place.
I didn't know if it would be a sweater or winter jacket weather when I woke up.

We went to Riverdale and swam in the hot springs with the fam bam.
We went on a Tuesday so we had the place to ourselves!
It was so warm and relaxing.
Towards the end it started to hail/snow heavily, which was cool to watch from the enclosed area of the pool.

The next day we went to the National Oregon/California Trail Center.
This was my Aunt's idea, but wasn't that awful. 
I learned a lot!
It was interesting thinking about my fun care-free road trip across America in a car and then comparing that with those those that took the Oregon/California Trail. These people accepted the fact that they might die in hopes for a better life and I just thought, "Let's go have a fun summer!" The times sure have changed! It made me grateful for what I have and admire those that made the journey not that long ago. We then hit up Studebaker's Pizza, which we also ate at our last time in Idaho. 
On Thursday, we drove up to Beaver Creek Lodge in the Logan Canyon in Utah.
We rented three snowmobiles and hit the trails.
Snowmobiling in the mountains is absolutely breathtaking! 
The views made up for the ridiculously ungroomed trails.
I guess that's what we get for snowmobiling at the end of March.
There was spots where the snow was four feet deep, which was why Victoria and I ended up tipping our snowmobile twice...oops!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Idaho: Part 1

Victoria and I have been to Florida three times in the past year and a half.
So while all the college kids were heading to the beach, we decided to head to the snow covered mountains in Idaho. 
Our entire goal for this family vacation was to just relax.
We definitely accomplished that.

My Aunt and Uncle live in St.Charles, Idaho right on Bear Lake.
Victoria and I stayed with them for a few days during our road trip this past summer.
You can read about that here
The place definitely has a different feel in the winter, but it is still so beautiful!

On Friday we all piled into my moms car and started the 24 hour journey to Idaho.
We drove nonstop, except for a quick breakfast with my Great Aunt Rose, who lives in Spearfish, SD. It was nice catching up with her, even though we were exhausted from a night of driving.
We finally strolled into St.Charles at about 5:30 pm.
My cousin Levi just happened to be in town from New Mexico with his friend Stephen. 
Victoria and my mom headed to bed after dinner, but the rest of us hung out in my Uncle Leon's garage drinking by the wood stove.

The next day we caught up on sleep and kept it low key.
Victoria, my sister, and I headed into the nearest town with a grocery store.
We found out that the whole town pretty much shuts down on Sundays, except for Subway and the Dollar Store. The rest of the day involved naps and hanging out.

On Monday, we went back to town to accomplish the grocery shopping we had planned to do the previous day. We walked around the town and took some pictures. The town had the perfect feel for grunge pictures! We then headed back home for Victoria and I could cook dinner for the family. 

After dinner, it was time for some good ole' garage drinking!
We all piled into the garage and a few neighbors came over (Camrin's dad being one of them).
We talked about everything under the sun.
The conversations got especially good once my mom and aunt Kathy went to bed!
Victoria also kept getting hit on by Camrin's dad, Don. 
Old men from Idaho sure do love her!

The night ended with us stumbling to bed with some great stories.
The week isn't over yet!
I can't wait to see what the rest of our time here has in store.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Starbucks baby

I'm in love with labor and delivery! My clinical for the past few weeks has been in OB, which is a nursing specialty that I have always been interested in. Getting to experience the miracle of life entering this world has had me on cloud 9. I have also gotten to see the not so fun side of OB, such as moms recovering from rough births, loss of babies, babies withdrawing from drugs, etc.

Today, I finally had my tendency to arrive early to places work in my favor! At 0645, my nursing instructor rushed to my group and asked who was the first to arrive. I raised my hand and she announced that I would be getting to see a c-section that was happening in 10 minutes. So we rushed to the locker room to get me in surgical scrubs and then she brought me to the patients room. I walked in and saw my co-worker Bryan standing next to the hospital bed. He looked at me all confused and finally said, "Rae, what are you doing here?" I told him that I just happened to be doing my OB clinical at the hospital. It's not everyday that you get to see your co-workers child be born! I got to see his wife get an epidural, get prepped for surgery, and finally have a c-section. I also was the person to give his son his first bath! It was the coolest experience. I have been hearing about this babies arrival for months and I still can't believe that I got to see it firsthand. Plus, it is a great story to tell!

I left the hospital in the greatest mood ever. I couldn't stop smiling! Life is such a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Playlist and TV shows

Normally, I just compile a playlist of my current favorite songs, but I thought I would throw in a few TV shows that I've have been binge watching lately. I know I always love hearing about new shows/songs, except from Victoria, who so kindly throws millions my way and gets annoyed when I don't watch them all.

1. Traveling Song- Ryn Weaver
2. Lost in my Bedroom- Sky Ferreira
3. Rollercoaster- Bleachers
4. The Riot's Gone- Santigold
5. Pierre- Ryn Weaver
6. Electric Love- B├śRNS 
7. Blindsided- Bon Iver
8. Never a Woman- White Sea
9. Downtown- Macklemore
10. My House- Flo Rida

TV Shows
1. Shameless (What's not to love about a completely dysfunctional family?)
2. Grey's Anatomy (I binged watched all 11 seasons last semester. I'm pretty much a doctor)
3. Nurse Jackie (Drug addicted nurse? Yes, please!)
4. Broad City (Victoria and I are pretty much the main characters) 
5. Parks and Recreation (I'm slowly making my way through the last season.)
6. Fuller House (Don't judge me! It was super cute and made me laugh.)

Extra: Thank you Victoria for introducing me to Parks and Rec and Broad City. You can't yell at me for my above comment now.