Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Idaho: Part 3

On Friday, Victoria and I decided to venture out on our own. We do love my family, but can only handle being with them for short amounts of time. A week of constant contact was getting to us. So we hit the road and headed to Logan, Utah. My cousin graduated from Utah State University, which just happens to be in Logan. We tried to get some good suggestions on places to go, but she kept giving us lame suggestions like the mall.

She did say that we had to eat at Herm's Inn. That was our first stop in Logan and she was right! The food was phenomenal and the environment was cute. The place was right up our alley! I highly suggest it if you ever find yourself in Logan, Utah...which you probably won't.

We then drove around and parked the car. It was time to go explore the town. Our first stop was a thrift store that was less than impressive, but thanks to that stop we found two cute places! The Spirit Goat sells goat milk soap, lotions, essential oils, etc. Victoria loved the place!

We walked around for a bit and found ourselves in an Antique Store. We browsed, took pictures, tried on ridiculous things, and I ended up buying a cute red lantern for our room!

We had passed Caffe Ibis earlier in the day and decided to stop for some coffee.
We read, did homework, and people watched for about an hour.
The people watching was great!
The town is full of cute young hipsters and cute hippy old people. 

After our people watching, we walked around a took pictures of ourselves.
We got some great shots and got see parts of the city most people don' alley ways and inside abandoned buildings. Afterwards, we stopped back at Caffe Ibis for smoothies and headed back to Idaho. Deciding that we weren't ready to go back we stopped at Cooper's for a drink...which turned into dinner..and even more drinks. 
Cooper's was our go to spot last summer in Idaho and holds many dear drunken memories. 
It felt weird not being there with Julie, Liv, our favorite bartenders, and the creepy old guys.

Fortunately for us, Cooper's doesn't disappoint and we always leave with a story.
A 29 year old named Jason was sitting a few seats away from us and had apparently been listening to our conversation. We mentioned wanting to order Lemon Drop shots. Jason so kindly butted into our conversation when he told the bartender he would buy us shots...of Jameson. We aren't ones to say no to free alcohol, but a shot of whiskey is different than a shot of lemon flavored vodka and sugar. 
We continued to talk with him and he invited us over to his cabin.
Victoria and I had just finished 32 ounces of beer and a nasty Jameson shot so we honestly thought about going, but since our phones were both dead, we decided to make the smart decision...invite him over to my aunt and uncles! Why did we think it would be smart to invite him there? Well, we had briefly given up the rundown of our vacation and the craziness of my family. We also aren't very good at saying no. So I was thinking he would decline the offer. I thought wrong. So we brought home a random man, which my aunt interrogated, but the guys drank beer and bonded over politics. So it wasn't that awful!

Once he hit the two beer limit my aunt gave him he decided to head back to his cabin, but so kindly invited us again! My dad and uncle were not set on the idea so we stayed back. The guys you meet in Idaho sure are interesting fellows.
The rest of the night involved more drinking in the garage, lots of discussions on politics, fighting about politics, stories about the past, and many good laughs! It was the perfect last night in Idaho. We stumbled back to the house later that night and decided that pictures needed to be taken! I love my crazy family.
Idaho was the perfect destination for our spring break.
It might not have been filled with drunk college students(besides us of course), it was exactly what we needed. A break from the craziness of everyday life! I never leave Idaho feeling disappointed and I look forward to returning soon. 

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