Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Playlist and TV shows

Normally, I just compile a playlist of my current favorite songs, but I thought I would throw in a few TV shows that I've have been binge watching lately. I know I always love hearing about new shows/songs, except from Victoria, who so kindly throws millions my way and gets annoyed when I don't watch them all.

1. Traveling Song- Ryn Weaver
2. Lost in my Bedroom- Sky Ferreira
3. Rollercoaster- Bleachers
4. The Riot's Gone- Santigold
5. Pierre- Ryn Weaver
6. Electric Love- B├śRNS 
7. Blindsided- Bon Iver
8. Never a Woman- White Sea
9. Downtown- Macklemore
10. My House- Flo Rida

TV Shows
1. Shameless (What's not to love about a completely dysfunctional family?)
2. Grey's Anatomy (I binged watched all 11 seasons last semester. I'm pretty much a doctor)
3. Nurse Jackie (Drug addicted nurse? Yes, please!)
4. Broad City (Victoria and I are pretty much the main characters) 
5. Parks and Recreation (I'm slowly making my way through the last season.)
6. Fuller House (Don't judge me! It was super cute and made me laugh.)

Extra: Thank you Victoria for introducing me to Parks and Rec and Broad City. You can't yell at me for my above comment now.

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