Friday, April 29, 2016


When I reminisce about some of my favorite days I've noticed they all have one thing in common and that is that they were never planned. They are days filled with random doings and people that make me happy.
The day started out typical I had clinical in the morning, went to my weekly lunch with Emily at Liberty Cafe, and then I headed home to quickly finish up a project. I had promised Victoria that I would take the night off so we could hang out, because our schedules don't always match up.

While thinking of things to do Victoria asked if I could put her dreads up.
It turned out darling which lead to me putting my hair in pigtails.
We picked outfits related to how our hair made us feel...if that makes sense. 
We then drove around Green Bay and found cute walls to take pictures next to.

Our friend Lesley invited us over for dinner and martini's, which was a perfect random thing to add to our night. We were a bit under the influence and decided it was a good idea to go get something pierced. So we waltzed into the Colour Box looking like middle schooler's and got it done. 
We didn't go the traditional route with piercings. Victoria got her septum pierced and I'm the proud new owner of a single nipple piercing...that hurt like a bitch to get. I don't see myself getting the other one pierced anytime soon.

We headed to Lesley's and surprised her with the news of our new piercings, which she got a kick out of. We then sat around the kitchen, drank some beer, and then decided we needed to go to the grocery store. 

Victoria ended up running into these older ladies who commented on her boots, hair, and septum piercings. She started up a conversation and I walked past the aisle and Victoria shouted, "That's my roommate I was telling you about!" They laughed and said, "You two are so cute together." The majority of the time I feel like older generations judge younger generations, but these ladies were the exact opposite! They said from personal experience that your youth goes fast and to embrace these days with full force. They then told us to remember this quote, "Too old too soon, too smart too late." 

Back at Lesley's we cut up veggies, drank martini's, listened to music, and had some great conversation. The end result was vegetarian curry, which was so yummy! That bottle of ibuprofen was for my aching nipple that I was trying to make feel better...the martini's helped!
We cuddled up on the couch to watch music videos and creep on people via facebook. Lesley decided to get my nurses opinion on her GI issue, which made me realize I'm pretty much Ann from Parks and Rec. Give me all your medical questions! If I don't have an answer I'll make one up!
We spent the night talking about traveling, drugs, sex, religion,age, friendship, society, politics, etc. Pretty much all of my favorite topics! We had to move on to margarita's eventually, because we are adults that drink too much. At one point I was complaining about the size of my nipple, so Lesley and Victoria so kindly exposed their nipples to make me feel better. That's what adults do. 
Lesley is who I want to be when I grow up. She's almost thirty and just got back from a 8 month bike trip to South America with her boyfriend. She's artsy and fun! She has no desire to fit into a box that society tries to place us into. Lesley actually attended the same school as Victoria and I years ago. She was in 8th grade and we were in 2nd. I remember seeing this cool 8th grader walking the halls and wanting to be just like her. If only I could go back in time and tell my 7 year old self we would be getting drunk and showing each other our nipples one day. Even if I could I'm sure I would think I turned out crazy. Life is weird and unexpected!

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