Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Small Party

I finally had a Friday off of clinicals and decided to make the most of it!
Victoria has been complaining about how little time we spend together and I gave her dibs on my Thursday night.
She decided we were getting drunk.
Of course.

Our parties have gotten out of hand lately and being hosts can be exhausting when you are trying to make sure everyone is having a good time. So we invited only a few people over to our loft for a small get together.

We had the best time with only 6 people!
Everyone got along, we all hung out together, and didn't spend a fortune to get everyone drunk.
It was a wonderful night.

My drunk purchase of clown noses has become one of the greatest purchases of my life.
We get some killer pictures wearing them and everyone loves them!
Best $3 I ever spent.
Good job, drunk Rae.
I loved how Emily, Kaitlyn, and I went from taking care of people in the hospital to getting drunk and wearing clown noses.
We are some classy nurses.

Everyone had a place to sleep, we all had fun, and we got some killer pictures.
Maybe it is our old age, but I'm starting to think smaller is better...at least when it comes to parties.

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