Sunday, April 17, 2016

Winona Bound

Last Friday, I headed to Winona for the first time in almost two years.
The roads were awful because Wisconsin decided to have a blizzard in the middle of April.
The four hour drive was worth it though!

I arrived in Winona around 6pm and got to have dinner with a few of my old Morey-Shepherd hall mates. It was so great getting to catch up with everyone! My friend Anna from Sweden came to town to visit as well. I apparently did an awful job at informing people that I was in town, because once I started posting snap chats I had a ton of people contacting me. I've missed so many people in this town!

After dinner, we went to Scott's apartment and played True American.
If you are a fan of the TV show New Girl you probably know what that is.
It's pretty much a drinking game that involves hopping around on furniture and drinking. 
We played for a few hours until someone wiped out and we decided we were too drunk to continue the game. Anna and I had a heart to heart on Friday night and I learned that I was one of the first girls that she was ever truly friends with. Which blows my mind, because I've always had a great group of girls in my life. It meant a lot to me that she is still thankful for our friendship.
After the game we just sat around, talked, drank more, and pretended to be freshmen in college again. 
Being a freshmen wasn't that long ago, but there was such a difference in our partying ways.
We could go to the liquor store to buy our own alcohol compared to finding a connection to buy us some. We didn't need music blaring to keep the party going, because our conversations were filling the room instead. 

On Saturday, my friend Matt came to town. 
We went hiking at Garvin Heights, had a wine tasting at Elmaro Vineyard, and had dinner at ZaZa's. 
After dinner, we walked around campus and snuck into our old dorm building. 
All of our floor is guys now!
It felt so weird walking the walls where we met!
We use to run around those halls wasted and doing ridiculous things.
I mean we were drunk while reminiscing, but it's a different feeling when you can't get caught and kicked out of your dorm for drinking. 

Scott and I headed back to his place for a nap, because drinking for almost 24 hours straight makes you exhausted. Matt and Anna went to go check out a house party. We eventually reunited, had a few beers, and then I got lame and went to bed around midnight. I woke up in the middle of my slumber to Anna and Scott kissing my forehead and tucking me into bed(aka the couch). Drunk people never fail to make me laugh.

The craziest part of my trip was seeing how much everyone has grown up.
Matt wears suits to work and has a nice car now, but when I knew him he was always partying and getting crazy. Anna was a party animal who rarely slept in her own bed, but now is in Sweden working her adult job and cringing at the stories we tell about her. Hayley's applying to Pharmacy school and Sharna's graduating in the Fall. Our college days are flying by and ending soon. 

Leaving on Sunday was hard, but I left in a wonderful mood.
I've been in a funk lately and being with old friends made me feel so loved and allowed me to get back to a better mindset. 
On Sunday, I got up early and drove to the cities for lunch with my cousin Gina.
I've never had one-on-one time with her and was a bit nervous beforehand.
She's a hipster lesbian and one of the coolest people I know.
We went out for brunch and bloody mary's.
I thought we would just have a quick lunch and then I would be on my way back to Green Bay.
Four hours later, I had to stop the conversation, because I needed to go.
We had the best conversation and talked about so much!
I love bonding with people, especially people that I look up to. 

It was the perfect weekend!

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