Monday, May 30, 2016


I'm a sucker for girl time, road trips, and big cities.
A Beyonce concert in Chicago with these beauties? Sign me up!
Victoria and I woke up early on Friday to run errands and have breakfast with Lesley.
Whitney then picked us up, we packed up the car, made sandwiches(because adults like to save money), and hit the road early.

We blasted Beyonce and Destiny's Child on the way down, which seemed very appropriate. 
We needed to warm up our vocals for the night, plus I realized that I did not know that many songs by Beyonce or Destiny's child. Oops. 

We pulled up to what looked like a super sketchy hotel right in downtown Chicago, but our room ended up being okay. Was I thankful that I couldn't take a black light to it? Yes. Was I worried that I was going to die? No. Before the concert we got all dolled up, took lots of pictures, and pre-gamed hard. We were all feeling real good!
The weather was ridiculous and we were just praying that the concert wouldn't get cancelled.

We walked to soldier field and none of us remember the walk there, but we made it.
We had nose bleed seats, but that's part of the fun.
I felt like we walked up Mount Everest to get to our seats.
I was sitting next to two girls who will be seniors in high school this upcoming school year.
It was making me feel really old, but also sentimental.
They were talking to me about colleges they are thinking about attending and there I was at the end of my college career. 
Those girls are in for a great time!

Right before Beyonce was suppose to come on a huge black cloud decided to roll in.
Soldier Field doesn't have a roof and everyone in the stadium watched as the cloud got closer and closer. You could feel the panic in the air! It started to downpour and the lightening was intense. 
This tweet cracked me up, because it was so true!
Everyone at the concert came in looking hot as fuck and left looking like shit, because of the rain.
It was pretty funny.
We didn't let the rain ruin our time!
Beyonce came out in the rain and killed it.

I would highly suggest going to see her perform.
Everything was on point!
I've never been the biggest Beyonce fan, but I sure left one.
After the concert we headed back to our hotel room, ordered food, and headed to bed like the old ladies we are.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Emily's 21st

The majority of my friends have/are turning 21 this year, which blows my mind, because that means we are getting old. Yes, I do consider any age past 20 old. It's one of the downfalls of having a fear of aging. This means that Victoria and I have been attending a lot of birthday celebrations!

Before heading out to celebrate Emily's 21st a few of us headed to Anthony's house to pregame, while Emily did stuff with her family. Anthony informed us that Ben and Brittney were eating just down the street so we crashed their family dinner. We had a few drinks on the patio at the restaurant until it started to rain. Ben and Brittney followed us back to Anthony's where we planned for Brittney's 31st birthday. Brittney's 30st birthday(aka June 3rd) has a special place in our hearts, because it was when we were all introduced to the Fameree clan.

We went to The Bar to meet up with Emily and her friends/family. It is the place to go for birthdays in Green Bay, because they let you drink for free and it is a restaurant as well so you can have people of all different ages come out to celebrate. Our friend Beth from nursing school joined us and brought a Bellin Bitch...I mean a nice nursing student from a rival nursing school in Green Bay. They both added a lot of fun to the mix!

Emily partied hard and was way past her limit when her boyfriend made the responsible decision to bring her home. Kaitlyn and I decided to head back to Anthony's for the night, which felt like a whole different night that deserves its own post.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dinner with Carolyn

I've been trying to us my short "summer" as best as I can.
On Tuesday, I headed to Oshkosh to hang out with Sydney and Sarah.
It's always fun getting together and reminiscing about our time in high school.
All three of us has changed since high school so it is also a time to catch up on the changes.
We decided on a night in, which involved margaritas and pesto pasta.
We are such adults!
The night ended with us all spooning in Sarah's bed. 
It has become a tradition and I hope that when we are 80 we still carry it on.

The next day Victoria and I had our work mom over for curry and wine.
Carolyn is what Victoria and I aspire to be like when we are older.
We go to her with all of our problems, because she gives great advice.
She's also hilarious and has a lot of similar values and opinions as us.
We popped lots of corks, had a lot of great conversation, and of course laughed our asses off. 
My mom and Kaitlyn joined in on the fun as well.

Victoria, Kaitlyn, and I decided to go to a late night movie after wards.
I think some of my favorite times are driving in a car with friends while drunk(we make sure the driver is not). We roll down the windows, blare the music, pass around cigarettes, and take what could be a typically car ride and make it into a memory.
The movie was okay and we didn't stay until the end.

We ended the night at our friend Jenny's house, before getting our taco bell fix and heading home.
It was a nice spent with some of my favorite people just enjoying each other's company.
This also might be a sign that I'm getting old, because dinner parties are starting to become my favorite thing.

Monday, May 16, 2016


1. Swim- Jack Mannequin

2. Sometime Around Midnight- The Airborne Toxic Event

3. Impossible- Ryan Star

4. The Gardner- The Tallest Man on Earth

5. Someone New- Hozier

6. Rise Up- Andra

7. Catalyst- Anna Nalick

8. Four Five Seconds- Rihanna

9. Headlights- Robin Schulz

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Embrace Vulnerability

Wednesday night Victoria and I went to Heather's apartment for dinner.
We work with Heather at Starbucks.
The entire night was spent doing random shit like dancing and singing.
I love being around people that fill time with laughter.

The next morning I finished up the semester, which meant it was time to celebrate.
Kaitlyn, Emily, and I went to the bar for drinks and dinner and then headed back to our place. 
We drank the night away and probably woke up the neighbors.

It was also Thursday, which means it was Topless Thursday!
Unfortunately, society finds female nipples offensive so I can't post those pictures, but they were priceless. 
My friend Kaitlyn sent this to Victoria and I. I love it! I love that Emily crawled in bed with Kaitlyn and I at 3am, because she wanted to cuddle. I love that we talk about "taboo" subjects that make some people cringe, because I think it is important to realize we all do dumb shit. I love that I hang out with girls that embrace their bodies and could care less about taking off their shirts and hanging out. 

"Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul."

Friday, May 13, 2016

End of semester 2

My second semester of nursing school has officially ended!
It was probably one of the roughest semesters I've had.
Between work, class, and clinical I didn't have a single day off during the week.
I worked my ass off for a 4.0 these past two semesters.
I become a crazy person during the school year and I'm glad to get a little break from it all.
I'm taking 7 credits during the summer (4 credit microbiology and 3 credit mental health) in order to lighten my workload for the fall. I'm technically one state exam away from being an LPN, which blows my mind! I'm a nurse. 

Kaitlyn and Emily have been my rocks during this time. 
It's so nice having people that understand exactly what you are going through and being able to vent to them. We have lunch together after clinical every Thursday just to blow off steam. They also both understand the importance of alcohol. It's been an interesting journey getting to this point. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kaitlyn's 21st

KPO turned 21 two weeks and we went out to celebrate.
We had our last exam and a final coming up, but going out with friends beat out studying.

Almost all of my friends are 21 already!
I remember when we were counting down the days until we graduated high school or other past big life events. Soon we will be dreading birthdays, instead of counting down the days until we turn a certain age!

Living on zero sleep has become a common thing for Victoria and I.
We just keep telling ourselves that we will remember going out with friends and not remember the nights we got sleep.

We made plans with Janna to go over to her apartment for dinner one night.
Drunk people make plans all the time and never keep them, but we managed to actually keep these!
Janna is Brittney's sister and Brittney is who I nannied for a few summers ago.
Victoria and I have made so many friends off of our friendship with Brittney.

We drank wine and martini's(our new go-to drink lately).
I honestly love when people invite us over for dinner and drinks.
It makes me feel like such an adult and always ends up being a good time!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

OR Experience

I got to spend a day in the OR at the hospital! It was one of my favorite experiences and I could easily see myself working in the OR as a nurse. We arrived at 0500 and headed to the locker rooms to change into surgical scrubs. Nursing School: Where it is acceptable for you and your instructors to see each other in your bra and underwear. We then headed to the pre-op area to get our assignments. I was assigned a guy that was getting a Retrocalcaneal Exostectomy with reattachment of tendon Achilles. What exactly is that? He had a bone spur on his heal that they had to remove and in order to reach it they had to detach his Achilles tendon. My surgery was later in the day so I just hung around the pre-op area. My friends mom works in the OR was a nurse and she tracked me down. It was fun seeing her at work! She also graduated from the same nursing program and had my instructor so I got some brownie points from that. I must admit I'm slightly addicted to Grey's Anatomy and was hoping for a siting of McDreamy or McSteamy. I did not see any hot male surgeons, but the female ones blew me away! The female plastic surgeon won Miss. Wisconsin! Beauty and brains...some people have it all! The ortho surgeon was a blonde bombshell. I was very annoyed/jealous.  So I got to watch the surgeon cut the Achilles tendon, chisel off the bone spur, sand it down, drill holes into the bone, and reattach the Achilles tendon. It was really cool! If anything at least nursing school has allowed me to see some crazy things! Also, during surgery the doctors were talking about Grey's Anatomy, which made my day!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lunch with an old friend

I had my clinicals the past few weeks at the hospital where Andy (my ex-boyfriend) works. He found out about it and invited me to have lunch with him after wards. I hadn't seen him since our break-up almost a year ago. I agreed even though I was on the fence about going. Our break-up wasn't pretty and our agreement to stay friends consisted of a few snap chats here and there. So I strolled into the cafeteria in my scrubs, hair pulled into a low pony-tail, and bags under my eyes. I was clearly there to impress him. We caught up on each others lives, laughed about old memories, and talked like no time had passed between us. I must admit that it hurt a bit seeing him. I'll always have a soft spot for Andy, because he was my first adult relationship. I don't think you ever truly stop loving someone, even though you cut ties with them and move on. Even though it was hard seeing him, it made me feel that much more better about our break-up. It re-confirmed that we wanted different things out of life. I couldn't give him what he wanted and he couldn't give me what I wanted. So we ended with a hug and a promise to stay in touch. He snaps and texts me more often, but that's been the extent of that. It's crazy how time changes things.