Monday, May 30, 2016


I'm a sucker for girl time, road trips, and big cities.
A Beyonce concert in Chicago with these beauties? Sign me up!
Victoria and I woke up early on Friday to run errands and have breakfast with Lesley.
Whitney then picked us up, we packed up the car, made sandwiches(because adults like to save money), and hit the road early.

We blasted Beyonce and Destiny's Child on the way down, which seemed very appropriate. 
We needed to warm up our vocals for the night, plus I realized that I did not know that many songs by Beyonce or Destiny's child. Oops. 

We pulled up to what looked like a super sketchy hotel right in downtown Chicago, but our room ended up being okay. Was I thankful that I couldn't take a black light to it? Yes. Was I worried that I was going to die? No. Before the concert we got all dolled up, took lots of pictures, and pre-gamed hard. We were all feeling real good!
The weather was ridiculous and we were just praying that the concert wouldn't get cancelled.

We walked to soldier field and none of us remember the walk there, but we made it.
We had nose bleed seats, but that's part of the fun.
I felt like we walked up Mount Everest to get to our seats.
I was sitting next to two girls who will be seniors in high school this upcoming school year.
It was making me feel really old, but also sentimental.
They were talking to me about colleges they are thinking about attending and there I was at the end of my college career. 
Those girls are in for a great time!

Right before Beyonce was suppose to come on a huge black cloud decided to roll in.
Soldier Field doesn't have a roof and everyone in the stadium watched as the cloud got closer and closer. You could feel the panic in the air! It started to downpour and the lightening was intense. 
This tweet cracked me up, because it was so true!
Everyone at the concert came in looking hot as fuck and left looking like shit, because of the rain.
It was pretty funny.
We didn't let the rain ruin our time!
Beyonce came out in the rain and killed it.

I would highly suggest going to see her perform.
Everything was on point!
I've never been the biggest Beyonce fan, but I sure left one.
After the concert we headed back to our hotel room, ordered food, and headed to bed like the old ladies we are.

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