Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dinner with Carolyn

I've been trying to us my short "summer" as best as I can.
On Tuesday, I headed to Oshkosh to hang out with Sydney and Sarah.
It's always fun getting together and reminiscing about our time in high school.
All three of us has changed since high school so it is also a time to catch up on the changes.
We decided on a night in, which involved margaritas and pesto pasta.
We are such adults!
The night ended with us all spooning in Sarah's bed. 
It has become a tradition and I hope that when we are 80 we still carry it on.

The next day Victoria and I had our work mom over for curry and wine.
Carolyn is what Victoria and I aspire to be like when we are older.
We go to her with all of our problems, because she gives great advice.
She's also hilarious and has a lot of similar values and opinions as us.
We popped lots of corks, had a lot of great conversation, and of course laughed our asses off. 
My mom and Kaitlyn joined in on the fun as well.

Victoria, Kaitlyn, and I decided to go to a late night movie after wards.
I think some of my favorite times are driving in a car with friends while drunk(we make sure the driver is not). We roll down the windows, blare the music, pass around cigarettes, and take what could be a typically car ride and make it into a memory.
The movie was okay and we didn't stay until the end.

We ended the night at our friend Jenny's house, before getting our taco bell fix and heading home.
It was a nice spent with some of my favorite people just enjoying each other's company.
This also might be a sign that I'm getting old, because dinner parties are starting to become my favorite thing.

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