Saturday, May 28, 2016

Emily's 21st

The majority of my friends have/are turning 21 this year, which blows my mind, because that means we are getting old. Yes, I do consider any age past 20 old. It's one of the downfalls of having a fear of aging. This means that Victoria and I have been attending a lot of birthday celebrations!

Before heading out to celebrate Emily's 21st a few of us headed to Anthony's house to pregame, while Emily did stuff with her family. Anthony informed us that Ben and Brittney were eating just down the street so we crashed their family dinner. We had a few drinks on the patio at the restaurant until it started to rain. Ben and Brittney followed us back to Anthony's where we planned for Brittney's 31st birthday. Brittney's 30st birthday(aka June 3rd) has a special place in our hearts, because it was when we were all introduced to the Fameree clan.

We went to The Bar to meet up with Emily and her friends/family. It is the place to go for birthdays in Green Bay, because they let you drink for free and it is a restaurant as well so you can have people of all different ages come out to celebrate. Our friend Beth from nursing school joined us and brought a Bellin Bitch...I mean a nice nursing student from a rival nursing school in Green Bay. They both added a lot of fun to the mix!

Emily partied hard and was way past her limit when her boyfriend made the responsible decision to bring her home. Kaitlyn and I decided to head back to Anthony's for the night, which felt like a whole different night that deserves its own post.

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