Friday, May 13, 2016

End of semester 2

My second semester of nursing school has officially ended!
It was probably one of the roughest semesters I've had.
Between work, class, and clinical I didn't have a single day off during the week.
I worked my ass off for a 4.0 these past two semesters.
I become a crazy person during the school year and I'm glad to get a little break from it all.
I'm taking 7 credits during the summer (4 credit microbiology and 3 credit mental health) in order to lighten my workload for the fall. I'm technically one state exam away from being an LPN, which blows my mind! I'm a nurse. 

Kaitlyn and Emily have been my rocks during this time. 
It's so nice having people that understand exactly what you are going through and being able to vent to them. We have lunch together after clinical every Thursday just to blow off steam. They also both understand the importance of alcohol. It's been an interesting journey getting to this point. 

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