Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kaitlyn's 21st

KPO turned 21 two weeks and we went out to celebrate.
We had our last exam and a final coming up, but going out with friends beat out studying.

Almost all of my friends are 21 already!
I remember when we were counting down the days until we graduated high school or other past big life events. Soon we will be dreading birthdays, instead of counting down the days until we turn a certain age!

Living on zero sleep has become a common thing for Victoria and I.
We just keep telling ourselves that we will remember going out with friends and not remember the nights we got sleep.

We made plans with Janna to go over to her apartment for dinner one night.
Drunk people make plans all the time and never keep them, but we managed to actually keep these!
Janna is Brittney's sister and Brittney is who I nannied for a few summers ago.
Victoria and I have made so many friends off of our friendship with Brittney.

We drank wine and martini's(our new go-to drink lately).
I honestly love when people invite us over for dinner and drinks.
It makes me feel like such an adult and always ends up being a good time!

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