Friday, May 6, 2016

Lunch with an old friend

I had my clinicals the past few weeks at the hospital where Andy (my ex-boyfriend) works. He found out about it and invited me to have lunch with him after wards. I hadn't seen him since our break-up almost a year ago. I agreed even though I was on the fence about going. Our break-up wasn't pretty and our agreement to stay friends consisted of a few snap chats here and there. So I strolled into the cafeteria in my scrubs, hair pulled into a low pony-tail, and bags under my eyes. I was clearly there to impress him. We caught up on each others lives, laughed about old memories, and talked like no time had passed between us. I must admit that it hurt a bit seeing him. I'll always have a soft spot for Andy, because he was my first adult relationship. I don't think you ever truly stop loving someone, even though you cut ties with them and move on. Even though it was hard seeing him, it made me feel that much more better about our break-up. It re-confirmed that we wanted different things out of life. I couldn't give him what he wanted and he couldn't give me what I wanted. So we ended with a hug and a promise to stay in touch. He snaps and texts me more often, but that's been the extent of that. It's crazy how time changes things.

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