Sunday, May 8, 2016

OR Experience

I got to spend a day in the OR at the hospital! It was one of my favorite experiences and I could easily see myself working in the OR as a nurse. We arrived at 0500 and headed to the locker rooms to change into surgical scrubs. Nursing School: Where it is acceptable for you and your instructors to see each other in your bra and underwear. We then headed to the pre-op area to get our assignments. I was assigned a guy that was getting a Retrocalcaneal Exostectomy with reattachment of tendon Achilles. What exactly is that? He had a bone spur on his heal that they had to remove and in order to reach it they had to detach his Achilles tendon. My surgery was later in the day so I just hung around the pre-op area. My friends mom works in the OR was a nurse and she tracked me down. It was fun seeing her at work! She also graduated from the same nursing program and had my instructor so I got some brownie points from that. I must admit I'm slightly addicted to Grey's Anatomy and was hoping for a siting of McDreamy or McSteamy. I did not see any hot male surgeons, but the female ones blew me away! The female plastic surgeon won Miss. Wisconsin! Beauty and brains...some people have it all! The ortho surgeon was a blonde bombshell. I was very annoyed/jealous.  So I got to watch the surgeon cut the Achilles tendon, chisel off the bone spur, sand it down, drill holes into the bone, and reattach the Achilles tendon. It was really cool! If anything at least nursing school has allowed me to see some crazy things! Also, during surgery the doctors were talking about Grey's Anatomy, which made my day!

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