Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Starbucks may not always be the best place to work, but my coworkers have always made up for that!
Carolyn is my work mom who loves wine and zodiac signs.
Andrea is the sweetest person who calls everyone "Honey bunny", but was in a rock band. 
All four of us share the same zodiac sign and had a joint birthday celebration at Andrea's.
Kaitlyn and Janna joined us as well.

It was so great sitting outside drinking wine, talking about life, and sharing funny stories about our teenage years(When did I get old?). I have mentioned this so many times on my blog, but I cannot say enough about how amazing it is being friends with people that are older than you, whether it be by a few years or a few decades. They bring so much to the table!

After our birthday celebration, I headed to Appleton to celebrate my girl Sydney's 21st birthday.
Sydney and Sarah forgot to inform me that they were dressing up for it!
Thanks ladies.
We hit up the bars on College avenue, which were surprisingly empty...apparently Appleton doesn't like to turn up on Wednesday nights. We did end up having a great night that involved getting kicked out of an 80's themed bar, because we were dancing in a place that they apparently do not want dancing to occur. All three of us have grown so much since we met at a volleyball camp in 8th grade! I love that we are still friends 7/8 years later.
I couldn't be happier that we exchanged volleyball courts for bars!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dance parties and surgery

A few weeks ago Victoria, Kaitlyn, and I went to hang out with Anthony, Janna, and Justin,
It was suppose to be a low key hang out, because Victoria was getting surgery the next day.
Last time Victoria partied the day before a surgery she ended up calling at midnight to cancel it.
This time was going to be different!

We just opened a few bottles of wine and sat around listening to music.
Anthony decided to head off to bed, but told us that we could still hang out.
At this point the wine was flowing and we were having a good time.

You would think that with just five people we would call it a night and head home.
Instead, we crank up the music and have a five person dance party in the living room.
I have never had that much fun dancing in my life!
It was such a beautiful moment where everyone was feeling the music and dancing like crazy.
Did we look ridiculous? Oh yeah, but everyone was in the same mindset and didn't care.
We would go from having heart to hearts outside on the porch to dancing in the living room.
At 2am, someone mentioned heading home to cuddle so we all hopped into Kaitlyn's Bug and drove to our loft to cuddle leaving Justin by himself. 
The next day Victoria made it to her surgery and I got to spend a wonderful six hours of my life in the waiting room. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wedding Crashers

A few weeks ago I had lunch with my cousin Gina.
We talked for four hours and at the end she invited me and Victoria to her friends wedding in Green Bay. Gina's a person I've always looked up to and admired from a far. We are eleven years apart and would only see each other during family get-together's. She's a bit on the crazy side and is always up for a good time! It made me feel so great that after years of wanting a relationship with her she finally took notice of me and wanted to hang out. 

Victoria and I had a few drinks at The Cannery before hand.
The wedding was super small and we didn't have a chance at blending in.
The Brides laughed at us "crashing" their wedding.
We got along with everyone at the reception and danced the night away.

People always think that Victoria and I are lesbians. Attending a lesbian wedding full of other lesbian couples made people just assume we were lesbians as well. We might as well be because we fit in wonderfully with the group!

Gina and her girlfriend got in a fight at the end of the night.
Victoria, Gina, Gina's friend, and I started to drive off and then noticed Heidi standing outside.
We didn't mean to forget about her, but we did find it pretty humorous that her pouting almost lead to her getting left behind. 
We dropped them off at the hotel with their other friends and everyone wanted us to join them for more drinks. 
Gina's girlfriend ran off to their room and Gina decided to come out with us instead of dealing with her. At one point Gina got so pissed she threw her phone, which cracked the screen. 
So much drama, but I'm glad the Gina decided to join us.

The night went by so fast and I was so sad at the end of the night. 
It was so much fun and a night that you just want to redo over and over again.
I highly suggest crashing a lesbian wedding!

While we were celebrating the love of a beautiful lesbian couple there was a horrible hate crime happening in Orlando. I hate that we live in a world where someone thinks it is okay to take someone else's life just because they do not approve of someones lifestyle.
You're in my prayers Orlando!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 3rd

June 3rd is a special day for Victoria and I...oh and Brittney.
Last year Victoria and I got invited to Brittney's surprise 30th birthday party.
We got to party with her friends and family, which started the process of Victoria and I weaseling our way into their family.

We have had the best year hanging out with everyone we met that night.
So when Brittney's 31st birthday came around we decided it was time for round 2.
Brittney reserved a table for 20 at Koko's to the start the night.
Victoria, Kaitlyn, and I pre-gamed before hand and arrived way ahead of everyone on the drunk level.
After dinner we headed to a bar across the street.
They had an amazing live band!
Everyone was dancing and having a good time.
I was so happy that Brittney let loose!
She was downing shots and dancing her ass off with us.
I got a high five from her husband Ben, because we got her to have a good time!

We ended the night at Anthony's. 
The entire group had a good ole' drunk conversation about how much we love each other.
I had my sister pick us up at 3:00am, because that's what little sisters are for. 
I highly suggest getting one. They are cheaper than an uber!

It was a great night spent with amazing people!
I hope to keep the tradition of June 3rd alive for many more years.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Sunday Funday

When "let's go eat taco's for lunch" turns into two finished pitchers of margarita's before the afternoon is over...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Farmer's Market

The Farmers Market has started up again for the summer!
It is the place to be on a Wednesday night in Green Bay.
You're almost guaranteed to run into someone you know.
We were there for hours drinking beer and hanging out with people.
We didn't even get the chance to go around and look at everything.

When everything started to shut down we didn't even notice and only got the hint when people asked us to stop standing in the middle of the road.
A guy did a random caricature of a few of us right before we left!

We continued the party at Hagemeister's across the river for the rest of the night.
I can't wait for the next Farmer's Market!
It's going to be a good summer.