Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Starbucks may not always be the best place to work, but my coworkers have always made up for that!
Carolyn is my work mom who loves wine and zodiac signs.
Andrea is the sweetest person who calls everyone "Honey bunny", but was in a rock band. 
All four of us share the same zodiac sign and had a joint birthday celebration at Andrea's.
Kaitlyn and Janna joined us as well.

It was so great sitting outside drinking wine, talking about life, and sharing funny stories about our teenage years(When did I get old?). I have mentioned this so many times on my blog, but I cannot say enough about how amazing it is being friends with people that are older than you, whether it be by a few years or a few decades. They bring so much to the table!

After our birthday celebration, I headed to Appleton to celebrate my girl Sydney's 21st birthday.
Sydney and Sarah forgot to inform me that they were dressing up for it!
Thanks ladies.
We hit up the bars on College avenue, which were surprisingly empty...apparently Appleton doesn't like to turn up on Wednesday nights. We did end up having a great night that involved getting kicked out of an 80's themed bar, because we were dancing in a place that they apparently do not want dancing to occur. All three of us have grown so much since we met at a volleyball camp in 8th grade! I love that we are still friends 7/8 years later.
I couldn't be happier that we exchanged volleyball courts for bars!

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