Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dance parties and surgery

A few weeks ago Victoria, Kaitlyn, and I went to hang out with Anthony, Janna, and Justin,
It was suppose to be a low key hang out, because Victoria was getting surgery the next day.
Last time Victoria partied the day before a surgery she ended up calling at midnight to cancel it.
This time was going to be different!

We just opened a few bottles of wine and sat around listening to music.
Anthony decided to head off to bed, but told us that we could still hang out.
At this point the wine was flowing and we were having a good time.

You would think that with just five people we would call it a night and head home.
Instead, we crank up the music and have a five person dance party in the living room.
I have never had that much fun dancing in my life!
It was such a beautiful moment where everyone was feeling the music and dancing like crazy.
Did we look ridiculous? Oh yeah, but everyone was in the same mindset and didn't care.
We would go from having heart to hearts outside on the porch to dancing in the living room.
At 2am, someone mentioned heading home to cuddle so we all hopped into Kaitlyn's Bug and drove to our loft to cuddle leaving Justin by himself. 
The next day Victoria made it to her surgery and I got to spend a wonderful six hours of my life in the waiting room. 

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