Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 3rd

June 3rd is a special day for Victoria and I...oh and Brittney.
Last year Victoria and I got invited to Brittney's surprise 30th birthday party.
We got to party with her friends and family, which started the process of Victoria and I weaseling our way into their family.

We have had the best year hanging out with everyone we met that night.
So when Brittney's 31st birthday came around we decided it was time for round 2.
Brittney reserved a table for 20 at Koko's to the start the night.
Victoria, Kaitlyn, and I pre-gamed before hand and arrived way ahead of everyone on the drunk level.
After dinner we headed to a bar across the street.
They had an amazing live band!
Everyone was dancing and having a good time.
I was so happy that Brittney let loose!
She was downing shots and dancing her ass off with us.
I got a high five from her husband Ben, because we got her to have a good time!

We ended the night at Anthony's. 
The entire group had a good ole' drunk conversation about how much we love each other.
I had my sister pick us up at 3:00am, because that's what little sisters are for. 
I highly suggest getting one. They are cheaper than an uber!

It was a great night spent with amazing people!
I hope to keep the tradition of June 3rd alive for many more years.

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