Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cousin Time

I'm a huge family person and I have a very large extended family.
Unforunately, we are not a super close family and only get together on the holidays.
I'm the only that reaches out past that part and I am finally starting to benefit from it!
My cousin Julie is dating a guy that coaches hockey camps in Appleton, WI. 
She lives in Utah and rarely comes to town.
Since I'm the only one that truly keeps in contact with her I was the only person that knew she was in town. 

So while we rounded up the troops for a family dinner one night and had lunch with our cousin one afternoon Victoria and I pretty much had her to ourselves.  One day we went to Door County for wine tasting, hanging at the beach day drinking, and to Cave Point. It was such a good day! My favorite part was cruising blasting 90's music and singing along together. I also got ballsy and jumped off the cliff at Cave Point into the water. 

Another day we headed to the Farmers Market and met up with my friend Shannon. 
Julie met Shannon years ago so I thought it was cool that we were all meeting up again as adults, instead of awkward kids. We also had a rainy day where we spent time watching movies, which wasn't that exciting, but it was still a good time.

It was a perfect break from my hectic school schedule!
At the family dinner everyone wanted to know how my 21st birthday went and were giving me crap about all the times they have seen me drunk. I need to stop drinking around my family! I'm not sure how I went from the quiet one at family get together's to the one that is involved in all of their lives.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

One of those nights

I think one of the favorite things about being in your 20's is being able to run around and do random shit. The other day Victoria and I had no plans. So we went to Proof for a drink by ourselves. My friend Emily decided to join us and then we started talking about how we had never been to the Union Hotel. So we went for a drink at the Hotel. We crept around the "haunted" hotel and took pictures in the photo booth. Then our friend Carolyn wanted us to meet up with her at this new wine bar so we did!

We ended up ordering two bottles of expensive wine, because we were just enjoying the moment.
Emily and I got job offers at the place, which is pretty impressive for being wasted!
Kaitlyn ended up joining us and were just having the best time.
Emily left us after the Union Hotel to go teach at her churches VBS, but ended up coming back to us, because she was drunk and was useless at VBS. That's honestly a perfect example of shit you can get away with in your 20's. Show up to church drunk in your 40's and people think you have a problem.

We then headed downtown to a martini bar called Standard and then out to the patio at Cock and Bull, where we played giant Jenga on the patio with other drunk people. We were running into people we knew left and right.

Our last stop of the night was XS, which the gay night club.
Victoria and I just wanted to dance!
There was barely anyone there and we were on the stage dancing our butts off.
I can only imagine how we looked to other people!

We ended the night with me pulling Victoria away from a fight, which is literally the story of my life.
I'm waiting for the day that girl gets us thrown in jail!
The next morning we were so hungover.
I had an exam and dragged myself to open lab two hours before the start of my exam, because I did not study for it. Instead of going to open lab I layed on the couch for two hours and my friends Dad brought me a bottle of water, because he passed me and said I was looking rough. Emily showed up just as hungover and unprepared. I walked out of the exam thinking I bombed it and found out I got a 49/50 on it...I need to start taking my exams hung over. Just another example of shit you can get away with when you're young and dumb!

Friday, July 29, 2016

The List

Back in high school I created a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 21. I honestly thought I had so much time and before I knew it I was 21 without everything accomplished. So I'm giving myself an extension, because I can create the rules for this! I only have 5 things left to accomplish and the only one I don't see getting done is #20. Do people even camp outside of stores anymore? So besides that one I'm giving myself a year to finish it off.

1. Graduate High School (5/25/2013)

2. Get my drivers licence and a car (7/21/2011)
(2003 Hyundai Santa Fe)

3. Get my nose pierced (8/7/2013)

4. Sing Karaoke alone 

5. Pull off a really good practical joke
(I actually have a few under my belt)

6. Attend 3 concerts (3/3)
(Skillet, Eric Church, and Kip Moore)

7.Visit another country

8.Learn a new language

9.See 50 out of the top 250 movies as voted by IMDB (42/50)
(Schindlers List, The Dark Knight, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Star Wars: Episode V, The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Star Wars, Inception, Forrest Gump, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Matrix, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Dark Knight Rises, Its a Wonderful Life, Saving Private Ryan, The Shining, Back to the Future, Toy Story 3, Star Wars: Episode VI, The Lion King, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Batman Begins,  The Avengers, The Wizard of Oz, Trainspotting, Finding Nemo, Groundhog Day, Rocky, Ratatouille, Pirates of the Caribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Monsters Inc, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Toy Story, UP, 12 Years a Slave, How to Train Your Dragon, Finding Nemo, Gravity, The Help, Beauty and the Beast and Jurassic Park)

10.Learn to parallel park

11. Eat 10 things I swear I hate but haven't tried (10/10)
(Sushi, Guacamole, Okra, Plums,Squid, Conch, Crab Rangoon, Fresh Crab, Lobster Bisque, Oysters)

12. Try 20 new restaurants (20/20)
(Kavarna, Chipotle, Atlanta Bread Company, Panera Bread, Mackinaws, Pollo Tropical, The Town Fryer, Popeye's, Big Bowl, Kokos, Cotton Exchange, The Fuzzy Pig, Red Lobster, Shakey's Pizza, Taco Time, Sammi's Pizza, The Lowry, Bub's Brewing,Co., Doc's on the Fox, Jeffersons Pub and Grill)

13.Give ten “just because” gifts (10/10)
(A firetruck book, Uno game, spider man cup and bowl, bag of candy corn, fruit snacks,Haiti bracelet, Europe water vase, batman shirt, organic soaps)

14. Pay for the person behind me in the drive-thru

15.Take pictures in a photo booth

16.Submit a secret to PostSecret

17.Create a time capsule to be opened when I turn 50

18. Go Blonde

19. Go cliff-diving
(Summer 2015 in Flathead Lake, Polson, Montana )

20. Camp outside of a store

21. Go on a roadtrip with my friends
(Spring Break 2013 to Florida and a 2 month road trip across the USA)

22. Go on a mission trip
(Haiti 2011 and 2012)

23. Run a 5k

24. Donate blood or plasma

25. Attend Prom

26. Move out of my parents house  (8/20/2013)

27. Dye my hair a "funky" color

28. Get a tattoo (7/16/2013 and 5/22/2015)

29. Get my tragus pierced (8/9/12)

30. Go skinny dipping

31. Fall in love

32. Get accepted into my top choice college
(Winona State University)

33. Live in a different state other than Wisconsin

34. Take off or land at 15 different airports (15/15)
(Toussaint Louverture International (Haiti), Mission Aviation Fellowship(Haiti),Aerodrome d'Hinche (HaitiAustin Straubel International(Green Bay,WI), General Mitchell International (Milwaukee,WI),O'Hare International (Chicago,IL), Salt Lake City International(Salt Lake City,UT), Kansas City International (Kansas City), Miami International (Miami,FL), Denver International  (Denver, CO), Colorado Springs Airport (Colorado Springs, CO), Dallas/Fort Worth International (Dallas, TX), Spokane International Airport (Spokane, WA), Orlando International Airport (Orlando, FL), and Washington Dulles International Airport (Dulles, VA)

Monday, July 18, 2016

My 21st

Turning 21 was something I had always looked forward to, but at the same time dreaded.
I'm the last of my friend group to be legally old enough to drink and at this point I was just annoyed with being the youngest. At the same time I was dreading turning 21, because people don't tend to look forward to getting older after 21. My fear of aging comes into play here.

I can't stop time though so my 21st birthday occurred.
I started the night before at the bar in the Aloft Hotel with Victoria.
One of our Starbucks regulars is a bartender there and made our drinks really strong...perks of being friends with the bartender!
At midnight we took shots and then headed out for pizza in De Pere. 
We got pizza, Victoria cat called a girl walking down the street and found out she knew her, and then headed to meet up with Victoria's co-workers at a bar down the street. A guy ended up being thrown against a wall and broke his ankle. Victoria so kindly announced that I was a nurse...a very intoxicated nurse might I add...and people kept asking my opinion. We then headed to Linden's house and walked into the basement to find broken ankle guy crying and shivering with his ankle propped up. The guys were finally convinced to call his mom and get him to the ER. We got home around 4am...I'm not sure where the time went!

The next morning I woke up and found out my friend's grandpa had passed away.
So I stopped by her house and hung out for a bit.
I then went back home for a quick study session(one of the many cons of taking a summer class) and to prepare to go out.

Victoria, my sister, and I went to Caliente for margarita's and to see my friend Emily who is also a bartender.
My parents and Kaitlyn met up with us.
It was such a fun time with many laughs and was a good way to pre-game!
I might have pregamed a bit too much, because I was drunk before dinner.

I decided to have my birthday dinner at The Creamery Downtown.
It's a newer restaurant downtown. Victoria has been friends with the head chef for years and our friend Lesley is a waitress.
It has become our place to hang out and drink lately!
My family asked if they could join us, which turned out great!
I had a very diverse group of friends at dinner, which I was worried about at first, but it turned out fine! Everyone got along and found someone to hang out with.

The rest of the night we bar hopped and mostly hung out in the outdoor patio's of places.
I survived the night and only started to fall asleep at the pizza place we stopped in at the end of the night. I called my sister to pick us up and then dragged her to get pizza with us. I didn't realize how drunk everyone else was until I watched the snaps the next morning. I had such a wonderful birthday with great people! I couldn't have imagined a better way to ring in the big 2-1. 

The next morning was rough and I unfortunately had to study for an exam I had the next day(I ended up with an A, surprisingly). 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July

The 4th of July is probably one of my favorite holidays!
It is also my moms birthday.
It always brings a good time and this year was no different.
Victoria, my sister, and I headed to the beach in Two Rivers.
We had plans to meet up with Whitney and Jess, but miscommunication occurred and we ended up at different beaches.
My little sister was our designated driver for the day, which we took full advantage of starting bright and early. We were laughing our ass's off at the beach and goofing around.
All the old people surrounding us either found us very entertaining or made them hate our generation even more!
On the way back home my sister got pulled over...and she only got her license two months ago.
Victoria and I were so drunk, but still managed to sweet talk the cop into only giving her a warning.
That cop loved us!
That could have ended a lot differently.

We then headed to Applebee's for lunch and then went downtown to meet up with everyone.
I am so use to our Farmer's Market crowd when I'm downtown and didn't realize we had so many strange people in Green Bay. The rest of the night involved more drinking and some girl drama(which is pretty rare in our friend group). The fireworks were cool, the food was good, and I was so ready for bed at the end of the night. 

Victoria's 21st

My girl turned 21!!
It is the end of an era of sneaking into bars, avoiding bouncers, and praying that we make friends with the bartenders before they think about asking for an I.D.

We started off her birthday just the two of us at The Bar waiting for the clock to strike midnight. 
After celebratory shots, we went Standard to meet up with some of Victoria's co-workers. 
We walked to Cock and Bull to play giant Jenga and hang out.
It was a good time until bar close when we got kicked out.

Hours later I attended my five hour class and then headed home to get ready for the Farmer's Market. 
We got all dolled up and called an Uber for a ride, because true wisconsinites make a party wherever we go. 

Everyone met up and started drinking.
Someone gave Victoria flowers, but since we had no place to put them she handed them off to this old lady. That lady was so happy and kept telling everyone about how she got those flowers! It was really cute. 

After cheese curds, impulse sunglasses purchases, and many beers we walked to The Cannery for dinner. That's where things really got interesting...

We made reservations for ten, but many more people came. So we had people sitting at the table and the bar. By this point Victoria was so drunk and refusing to drink water. All the tables around us kept getting up to leave because we were so loud. I eventually brainstormed with Lesley and we told the waitress to make Victoria's drinks virgins, because she was not going to make it downtown at the rate she was going.

We hit up Titletown after dinner and Victoria attempted to take a few naps.
Ryan also gifted her with a wooden stick that she used to make sexual innuendo's with.
I'm sure people thought we were all hot messes, but at least we had a good time!

We then crossed the bridge and hit up a few bars.
Ryan offered up his stomach for body shots at the Libertine, which was probably one of the nicer bars we drank at. We are real class acts! Towards the end of the night we had bars not let some of our friends in because they had backpacks with them. So I called my sister to pick us up and drive us to Lesley's house!

At Lesley's house we drank more and ate cookies.
Her and Ryan had a bonfire going, which was a great way to end the night.
We all ended up on the ground drunk, while the couches and chairs remained empty. 
Victoria passed out on the air mattress and I once again called my sister to pick up me and Kaitlyn.
That poor kid thought having a drivers license would be fun, instead she just get's to be a bunch of drunk college girls designated drivers. 

I wasn't sure how Victoria's 21st birthday was going to go down, but everything turned out great!
We all surprisingly made it out alive!