Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cousin Time

I'm a huge family person and I have a very large extended family.
Unforunately, we are not a super close family and only get together on the holidays.
I'm the only that reaches out past that part and I am finally starting to benefit from it!
My cousin Julie is dating a guy that coaches hockey camps in Appleton, WI. 
She lives in Utah and rarely comes to town.
Since I'm the only one that truly keeps in contact with her I was the only person that knew she was in town. 

So while we rounded up the troops for a family dinner one night and had lunch with our cousin one afternoon Victoria and I pretty much had her to ourselves.  One day we went to Door County for wine tasting, hanging at the beach day drinking, and to Cave Point. It was such a good day! My favorite part was cruising blasting 90's music and singing along together. I also got ballsy and jumped off the cliff at Cave Point into the water. 

Another day we headed to the Farmers Market and met up with my friend Shannon. 
Julie met Shannon years ago so I thought it was cool that we were all meeting up again as adults, instead of awkward kids. We also had a rainy day where we spent time watching movies, which wasn't that exciting, but it was still a good time.

It was a perfect break from my hectic school schedule!
At the family dinner everyone wanted to know how my 21st birthday went and were giving me crap about all the times they have seen me drunk. I need to stop drinking around my family! I'm not sure how I went from the quiet one at family get together's to the one that is involved in all of their lives.

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