Monday, July 18, 2016

My 21st

Turning 21 was something I had always looked forward to, but at the same time dreaded.
I'm the last of my friend group to be legally old enough to drink and at this point I was just annoyed with being the youngest. At the same time I was dreading turning 21, because people don't tend to look forward to getting older after 21. My fear of aging comes into play here.

I can't stop time though so my 21st birthday occurred.
I started the night before at the bar in the Aloft Hotel with Victoria.
One of our Starbucks regulars is a bartender there and made our drinks really strong...perks of being friends with the bartender!
At midnight we took shots and then headed out for pizza in De Pere. 
We got pizza, Victoria cat called a girl walking down the street and found out she knew her, and then headed to meet up with Victoria's co-workers at a bar down the street. A guy ended up being thrown against a wall and broke his ankle. Victoria so kindly announced that I was a nurse...a very intoxicated nurse might I add...and people kept asking my opinion. We then headed to Linden's house and walked into the basement to find broken ankle guy crying and shivering with his ankle propped up. The guys were finally convinced to call his mom and get him to the ER. We got home around 4am...I'm not sure where the time went!

The next morning I woke up and found out my friend's grandpa had passed away.
So I stopped by her house and hung out for a bit.
I then went back home for a quick study session(one of the many cons of taking a summer class) and to prepare to go out.

Victoria, my sister, and I went to Caliente for margarita's and to see my friend Emily who is also a bartender.
My parents and Kaitlyn met up with us.
It was such a fun time with many laughs and was a good way to pre-game!
I might have pregamed a bit too much, because I was drunk before dinner.

I decided to have my birthday dinner at The Creamery Downtown.
It's a newer restaurant downtown. Victoria has been friends with the head chef for years and our friend Lesley is a waitress.
It has become our place to hang out and drink lately!
My family asked if they could join us, which turned out great!
I had a very diverse group of friends at dinner, which I was worried about at first, but it turned out fine! Everyone got along and found someone to hang out with.

The rest of the night we bar hopped and mostly hung out in the outdoor patio's of places.
I survived the night and only started to fall asleep at the pizza place we stopped in at the end of the night. I called my sister to pick us up and then dragged her to get pizza with us. I didn't realize how drunk everyone else was until I watched the snaps the next morning. I had such a wonderful birthday with great people! I couldn't have imagined a better way to ring in the big 2-1. 

The next morning was rough and I unfortunately had to study for an exam I had the next day(I ended up with an A, surprisingly). 

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