Saturday, July 30, 2016

One of those nights

I think one of the favorite things about being in your 20's is being able to run around and do random shit. The other day Victoria and I had no plans. So we went to Proof for a drink by ourselves. My friend Emily decided to join us and then we started talking about how we had never been to the Union Hotel. So we went for a drink at the Hotel. We crept around the "haunted" hotel and took pictures in the photo booth. Then our friend Carolyn wanted us to meet up with her at this new wine bar so we did!

We ended up ordering two bottles of expensive wine, because we were just enjoying the moment.
Emily and I got job offers at the place, which is pretty impressive for being wasted!
Kaitlyn ended up joining us and were just having the best time.
Emily left us after the Union Hotel to go teach at her churches VBS, but ended up coming back to us, because she was drunk and was useless at VBS. That's honestly a perfect example of shit you can get away with in your 20's. Show up to church drunk in your 40's and people think you have a problem.

We then headed downtown to a martini bar called Standard and then out to the patio at Cock and Bull, where we played giant Jenga on the patio with other drunk people. We were running into people we knew left and right.

Our last stop of the night was XS, which the gay night club.
Victoria and I just wanted to dance!
There was barely anyone there and we were on the stage dancing our butts off.
I can only imagine how we looked to other people!

We ended the night with me pulling Victoria away from a fight, which is literally the story of my life.
I'm waiting for the day that girl gets us thrown in jail!
The next morning we were so hungover.
I had an exam and dragged myself to open lab two hours before the start of my exam, because I did not study for it. Instead of going to open lab I layed on the couch for two hours and my friends Dad brought me a bottle of water, because he passed me and said I was looking rough. Emily showed up just as hungover and unprepared. I walked out of the exam thinking I bombed it and found out I got a 49/50 on it...I need to start taking my exams hung over. Just another example of shit you can get away with when you're young and dumb!

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