Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Victoria's 21st

My girl turned 21!!
It is the end of an era of sneaking into bars, avoiding bouncers, and praying that we make friends with the bartenders before they think about asking for an I.D.

We started off her birthday just the two of us at The Bar waiting for the clock to strike midnight. 
After celebratory shots, we went Standard to meet up with some of Victoria's co-workers. 
We walked to Cock and Bull to play giant Jenga and hang out.
It was a good time until bar close when we got kicked out.

Hours later I attended my five hour class and then headed home to get ready for the Farmer's Market. 
We got all dolled up and called an Uber for a ride, because true wisconsinites make a party wherever we go. 

Everyone met up and started drinking.
Someone gave Victoria flowers, but since we had no place to put them she handed them off to this old lady. That lady was so happy and kept telling everyone about how she got those flowers! It was really cute. 

After cheese curds, impulse sunglasses purchases, and many beers we walked to The Cannery for dinner. That's where things really got interesting...

We made reservations for ten, but many more people came. So we had people sitting at the table and the bar. By this point Victoria was so drunk and refusing to drink water. All the tables around us kept getting up to leave because we were so loud. I eventually brainstormed with Lesley and we told the waitress to make Victoria's drinks virgins, because she was not going to make it downtown at the rate she was going.

We hit up Titletown after dinner and Victoria attempted to take a few naps.
Ryan also gifted her with a wooden stick that she used to make sexual innuendo's with.
I'm sure people thought we were all hot messes, but at least we had a good time!

We then crossed the bridge and hit up a few bars.
Ryan offered up his stomach for body shots at the Libertine, which was probably one of the nicer bars we drank at. We are real class acts! Towards the end of the night we had bars not let some of our friends in because they had backpacks with them. So I called my sister to pick us up and drive us to Lesley's house!

At Lesley's house we drank more and ate cookies.
Her and Ryan had a bonfire going, which was a great way to end the night.
We all ended up on the ground drunk, while the couches and chairs remained empty. 
Victoria passed out on the air mattress and I once again called my sister to pick up me and Kaitlyn.
That poor kid thought having a drivers license would be fun, instead she just get's to be a bunch of drunk college girls designated drivers. 

I wasn't sure how Victoria's 21st birthday was going to go down, but everything turned out great!
We all surprisingly made it out alive!

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