Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I had nursing orientation for the upcoming year a few days ago. It was so pointless and could have easily been summarized in a quick email, instead of four hours of my life. Kaitlyn, Emily, Janelle, and I ended up dipping out two hours early and went to brunch. They kept going on and on about the importance of making connections with our peers so we did that over food and coffee. I think we got the point of the orientation! I still can't believe I could possibly be an RN in May. That is if I don't have a mental breakdown or something along those lines. I'm not ready for the school year, but it does feel good knowing that I'm almost done!

In other news, I took my nclex-pn and somehow passed! So I'm officially a licensed practical nurse(LPN) in the state of Wisconsin. I'm still working towards my RN, but decided to take the nclex-pn for practice. It's weird to think that I don't have to say that I'm "almost" a nurse and can instead say that I am a nurse!

I'm the nurse that skips out on orientation for egg wraps.

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