Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vintage Swap Meet

I was a little nervous about how Saturday night would go.
Kaitlyn invited me downtown to drink with a couple of friends.
I ended up inviting Brennan who brought two of his roommates. 
At first it was just three sets of couples that all had different connections to the group.
I'm pretty use to mixing friend groups, because of Victoria, but it still always makes me nervous!
It turned out great and everyone hit it off!

We eventually walked down to the bar that everyone else was at, but only lasted 10 minutes and two shots, because it was loud and we all wanted to get back to our conversations. I guess that's a sign of our old age. After a night of drinking and stuffing our faces with pizza after bar close we parted ways. I headed to Brennan's place with his roommates. We went to bed around 6am and if you know me you know I like my sleep! It was worth it though, because I was really bonding with Brennan's friends. 

The next morning I dragged Brennan out of bed for Bloody Mary's and a vintage swap meet.
The vintage swap meet was at one of my favorite bars and had the cutest things!
I bought one of my friends pieces of artwork and bought a vintage romper
I love good finds like that!
It was the perfect way to spend one of the last weekends of summer!

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