Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I went to Winona for the weekend, which was one of my goals for August.
It was spur of the moment and I'm so glad I went.
My friends Scott, Hayley, and Reagan all got a house this year and it is so nice having them all in one place! It was almost like back in freshmen year when we all lived in the same hall, except throwing parties and drinking aren't breaking any rules, because RA's don't exist past college dorms and we are all of age. 

Scott was hosting a "classy" birthday party for his friend Caleb.
It involved drinking wine, listening to records, and dressing up.
It was very different from our parties we had back in the day.
At one point Scott decided to make us all tea.
Once we emptied a few bottles the true fun began and our attempts at being classy ended.
We decided to walk to the bars at around 11pm. We took a slight detour into our old dorm building. We saw a house get busted for having a party, which at one point in time might have involved us running away as well, but we could walk past in confidence, because we aren't freshmen anymore. The bars were packed, because it was the last weekend before classes started. We managed to sneak the lone 20 year old past the bouncers, which I'm still impressed by. 

At bar close we all stumbled home some of us more drunk than others.
The next morning I woke up and was pleasantly surprised with drunk Rae.
I managed to take my license and cash out of my pocket and put it back into my wallet, took my contacts out, and plugged in my phone! I have no memory of any of this, but I'm proud of myself. 

After being lazy for a little while Scott, Brennan, and I hit up an antique store.
Scott then showed us some really pretty back roads of Winona and the surrounding areas.
Goodview (the town right next to Winona) was hosting a three day event called Goodview Days.
We drank beer, ate food and enjoyed the music. My favorite part was watching the firefighters compete against each other in a interesting version of tug of war. We then hiked the bluffs and I proceeded to throw up all the beer and food I had consumed 10 minutes prior. Apparently, stuffing your face and then hiking is a bad idea? The rest of our night involved dinner and just hanging out. Brennan and I left that night and made it back to Green Bay around 3am. 
It was a much needed mini-getaway to one of my favorite places!

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