Friday, September 16, 2016

My man expections

I recently came across a list that I created in middle school regarding some of the characteristics I wanted to find in a guy. This list I entitled my "Man Expectations". This list is incredibly embarrassing. It was weird seeing what I considered to be important back then compared to now. 

Don't worry little Rae! You will date not just boys, but "men" and a lot of them will meet most of your expectations. The expectations not met are the ones that you have changed your mind about.

1. Our first kiss can't involve a tongue. Needs to be a fairy tale kiss.

I'm pretty sure I created this list after a guy kissed me and it was like kissing a fish. So I was not interested in a guys tongue getting any where near my face again!  

2. Christian guy

I'm not a great example of being a christian, but I do appreciate when I'm dating someone with similar views. They don't need to be exact and I love when I learn new religious views!

3. Wants to wait to have sex

Wait until marriage or wait until I'm ready? You need to clarify these things, kid! 

4. Loves kids and wants a big family

Liking kids is good. I still appreciate the dynamics of a big family! I just have no plans on pushing a child through my body, let alone multiple children. 

5. Makes me laugh

That is very important! I approve of this one.

6. Likes tagging along with me, but also doing his own thing.

I am a huge fun of my alone time and can't stand dating people that are super dependent and want me around a lot. Apparently, I have felt that for a long time.

7. Likes to have fun, but knows when to stop

That comes with maturity. You'll find that!

8. Respects his mother

What middle school kid thinks about this? I mean I completely agree, because how a guy treats his mom is a huge indicator about how he will treat you.

9. Good work ethic

This is still true. I like working hard at chasing my dreams and dating someone who also wants to work hard for their own dreams is important. 

10. Good listener

This one is important! Find someone that genuinely listens to you.

11. Doesn't ignore me when with his friends/doesn't ignore my friends

This is another great one! I love mixing friend groups. It's important that your friends and his friends get along, because chances are you'll be spending a lot of time with these people.

12. Respects my space

Once again needing my own space makes the list! 


Also, it's my parents 22nd anniversary! Shout out to my parents for finding people that made their expectations!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Getting old has its perks
Carolyn: My friends and I from high school get together once a year. Things get pretty wild. Last year my friend suggested we switch things up and take each others pills, because we are old and pharmacists are our drug dealers, apparently.

Adulting is hard.
Ariana: Imagine being hungover and having to search for your Easter basket that your mom hid, because she won't accept the fact that your an adult. That was my life today.

WWAND (What Would A Nurse Do)
Mandee: If your friend, of course not you, had a little too much to drink and wants to take a nap in the middle of the street do them a favor and role them on their side. You don't want them to aspirate!

Emily: Because I care more about them choking on puke then getting hit by a car.

What Starbucks employee's find funny...
Carolyn: My friend is getting rotator cuff surgery tomorrow. I told her to stop masturbating so much, but she wouldn't listen.

Nursing instructors tips on avoiding Honeymoon cystitis
Mandee: Make sure you void after intercourse. There might be some....stuff....that you may want to use on your honeymoon that may be...flavored. That's really all you can do about that. If you need more information about this talk to me after class I would be happy to help you here. Just don't be so liberal with the sugar stuff. Alright, moving on!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weddings and other stuff

My moms cousins daughter got married on Saturday. I don't remember ever meeting the girl, but my family still got an invite! My mom introduced me to her cousin and I loved what she had to say about the importance of family. She mentioned that families grow apart, especially when everyone starts having kids and creating their own family, but that putting effort into staying in contact is so important. Use any excuse to get together! That's why her daughter had relatives at her wedding that she barely knows. My mom asked me to take a picture of her with her sisters and cousins. I was texting two of my cousins at the time and get sentimental, because that's going to be us in 40 years. All living different lives, but coming together for the important things in life.  

I then headed to Brennan's to hang out with him and a few of his friends.
We pre-gamed a bit and then headed downtown. 
I haven't decided if it is a good or bad thing that at every bar we went to I ran into someone I knew. 
I got to catch up with a lot of people!

Brennan has a really close knit group of friends and so far I have their approval!
They like to have a good time and be weird, which I most definitely approve of.
We ended up walking back to Brennan's house after bar close.
I don't remember much of the walk or even getting to Brennan's, but the next morning my contacts were out and I was in my pajamas. 
My drive of shame was done shoeless and my sunglasses were not doing a good job blocking out the sun. 
In other news, my cousin that I visited last weekend in Minneapolis texted me and said that she broke up with her girlfriend. I was really regretting my drunk talk with her about how she needed to break up with her girlfriend, but apparently my thoughts on the relationship were not completely out of line. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

New Starbucks

I had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle again. I cannot get enough of them! We talk about such deep things and I feel like they actually are listening to what I have to say and care about it. It's such a good feeling! My Aunt Karen and I share a love for gin and tonic and my Uncle loves making cocktails. So my cup is never empty when I'm at their house. They also love drinking wine with dinner, which was evident after we drank two bottles. I was a tad bit hungover the next morning for my class. I kinda want to ask if they were hungover as well, because that would make me feel better about myself! I learned some good family secrets this time around!

Apparently, my cocktail of choice(gin and tonic) is associated with psychopathic tendencies. So that's cool.

The new Starbucks by my house had a sneak peak open house the day before it opened. It actually made me sad to see all of my old co-workers in one place again. My favorites either quit Starbucks all together or transferred to this new Starbucks. It will be nice having Starbucks connections right down the street from my house! It was fun reminiscing about our old store. It was also annoying seeing how nice this one is while our old store is literally falling apart. It's so weird thinking that Victoria and I working at Starbucks together is a closed chapter in our life already. It feels like just yesterday we came home from our road trip looking for jobs.

Shout out to Victoria and Euan from across the pond. Stop reading my blog!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I need to get better at remembering to take pictures! 
I have a whopping four pictures of an entire weekend away.
Brennan and I headed to Minneapolis for Labor Day weekend.
We've only known each other a month and have two road trips under our belts!

We stayed with Brennan's friend Ben in Uptown.
It was the perfect location, because we were in walking distance of so many things!
The first night we started off with some boxed wine and Mario Kart on game cube. 
The guys introduced me to the game "drinking and driving".
You essentially need to finish your drink by the end of the race, but you can't drink it when your kart is in motion. 
 After an hour of this ridiculous game we headed out to check out the local night life.
Our first stop was Up-Down, which is an arcade bar.
It was a really cool concept and a ton of fun!
I kicked ass in 4-person pac-man, played some Skee Ball, and attempted to figure out other various games. We stumbled into another bar and continued to drink on the roof-top.
Our last stop was a pizza place. That is where I made the mistake of asking a girl in a bridesmaid dress about the wedding. It was a disastrous wedding, apparently.

The next day we had brunch at a cute diner and I dragged everyone out shopping with me.
There were so many cute shops!
We made a coffee stop at Carley Coffee.
I started asking everyone religious questions and this lead to some really great discussion!
I love that stuff!
We also made a stop at Lake Calhoun and watched people windsurf, which looked terrifying!
Everyone went their own ways for dinner.
Brennan and I met up with my cousin Gina and her girlfriend for Thai Food.
They followed us back to Ben's apartment to drop off our food.
We ended up drinking way too much boxed wine and started talking about politics, family, and the LGBTQ community. 

Gina is one of my favorite people who isn't that great at showing she likes you.
So I've always been on the fence about it, but this time around she was the one wanting to take pictures with me and saying she loved me. It was a new thing for us, but of course I ate it up! After about an hour at the apartment we headed to a few bars. Everyone was getting along so great! Towards the end of the night Gina and her girlfriend got into a fight (seems to be a common theme with those two). They headed out soon after that, but I didn't let it ruin the night. We went to another bar and danced. At bar close everyone wanted pizza again, but Brennan and I decided to head back to Ben's for Thai food. 

The next day we went to the Minnesota State Fair with Ben and his girlfriend. 
Ben was playing on one of the stages so we got in for free.
We had so much fried food and beer!
It don't remember the last time I went to a Fair. 
We saw dueling pianos, some guys doing cool stuff on trampolines, and other live music.
It was a good time, but I was exhausted by the end.
We decided to binge watch Stranger Things that night.

Monday afternoon we headed back to Green Bay after getting coffee with Sebastian and Ben.
It was a great weekend and a perfect way to say goodbye to summer.