Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I need to get better at remembering to take pictures! 
I have a whopping four pictures of an entire weekend away.
Brennan and I headed to Minneapolis for Labor Day weekend.
We've only known each other a month and have two road trips under our belts!

We stayed with Brennan's friend Ben in Uptown.
It was the perfect location, because we were in walking distance of so many things!
The first night we started off with some boxed wine and Mario Kart on game cube. 
The guys introduced me to the game "drinking and driving".
You essentially need to finish your drink by the end of the race, but you can't drink it when your kart is in motion. 
 After an hour of this ridiculous game we headed out to check out the local night life.
Our first stop was Up-Down, which is an arcade bar.
It was a really cool concept and a ton of fun!
I kicked ass in 4-person pac-man, played some Skee Ball, and attempted to figure out other various games. We stumbled into another bar and continued to drink on the roof-top.
Our last stop was a pizza place. That is where I made the mistake of asking a girl in a bridesmaid dress about the wedding. It was a disastrous wedding, apparently.

The next day we had brunch at a cute diner and I dragged everyone out shopping with me.
There were so many cute shops!
We made a coffee stop at Carley Coffee.
I started asking everyone religious questions and this lead to some really great discussion!
I love that stuff!
We also made a stop at Lake Calhoun and watched people windsurf, which looked terrifying!
Everyone went their own ways for dinner.
Brennan and I met up with my cousin Gina and her girlfriend for Thai Food.
They followed us back to Ben's apartment to drop off our food.
We ended up drinking way too much boxed wine and started talking about politics, family, and the LGBTQ community. 

Gina is one of my favorite people who isn't that great at showing she likes you.
So I've always been on the fence about it, but this time around she was the one wanting to take pictures with me and saying she loved me. It was a new thing for us, but of course I ate it up! After about an hour at the apartment we headed to a few bars. Everyone was getting along so great! Towards the end of the night Gina and her girlfriend got into a fight (seems to be a common theme with those two). They headed out soon after that, but I didn't let it ruin the night. We went to another bar and danced. At bar close everyone wanted pizza again, but Brennan and I decided to head back to Ben's for Thai food. 

The next day we went to the Minnesota State Fair with Ben and his girlfriend. 
Ben was playing on one of the stages so we got in for free.
We had so much fried food and beer!
It don't remember the last time I went to a Fair. 
We saw dueling pianos, some guys doing cool stuff on trampolines, and other live music.
It was a good time, but I was exhausted by the end.
We decided to binge watch Stranger Things that night.

Monday afternoon we headed back to Green Bay after getting coffee with Sebastian and Ben.
It was a great weekend and a perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

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