Friday, September 16, 2016

My man expections

I recently came across a list that I created in middle school regarding some of the characteristics I wanted to find in a guy. This list I entitled my "Man Expectations". This list is incredibly embarrassing. It was weird seeing what I considered to be important back then compared to now. 

Don't worry little Rae! You will date not just boys, but "men" and a lot of them will meet most of your expectations. The expectations not met are the ones that you have changed your mind about.

1. Our first kiss can't involve a tongue. Needs to be a fairy tale kiss.

I'm pretty sure I created this list after a guy kissed me and it was like kissing a fish. So I was not interested in a guys tongue getting any where near my face again!  

2. Christian guy

I'm not a great example of being a christian, but I do appreciate when I'm dating someone with similar views. They don't need to be exact and I love when I learn new religious views!

3. Wants to wait to have sex

Wait until marriage or wait until I'm ready? You need to clarify these things, kid! 

4. Loves kids and wants a big family

Liking kids is good. I still appreciate the dynamics of a big family! I just have no plans on pushing a child through my body, let alone multiple children. 

5. Makes me laugh

That is very important! I approve of this one.

6. Likes tagging along with me, but also doing his own thing.

I am a huge fun of my alone time and can't stand dating people that are super dependent and want me around a lot. Apparently, I have felt that for a long time.

7. Likes to have fun, but knows when to stop

That comes with maturity. You'll find that!

8. Respects his mother

What middle school kid thinks about this? I mean I completely agree, because how a guy treats his mom is a huge indicator about how he will treat you.

9. Good work ethic

This is still true. I like working hard at chasing my dreams and dating someone who also wants to work hard for their own dreams is important. 

10. Good listener

This one is important! Find someone that genuinely listens to you.

11. Doesn't ignore me when with his friends/doesn't ignore my friends

This is another great one! I love mixing friend groups. It's important that your friends and his friends get along, because chances are you'll be spending a lot of time with these people.

12. Respects my space

Once again needing my own space makes the list! 


Also, it's my parents 22nd anniversary! Shout out to my parents for finding people that made their expectations!

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