Friday, September 9, 2016

New Starbucks

I had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle again. I cannot get enough of them! We talk about such deep things and I feel like they actually are listening to what I have to say and care about it. It's such a good feeling! My Aunt Karen and I share a love for gin and tonic and my Uncle loves making cocktails. So my cup is never empty when I'm at their house. They also love drinking wine with dinner, which was evident after we drank two bottles. I was a tad bit hungover the next morning for my class. I kinda want to ask if they were hungover as well, because that would make me feel better about myself! I learned some good family secrets this time around!

Apparently, my cocktail of choice(gin and tonic) is associated with psychopathic tendencies. So that's cool.

The new Starbucks by my house had a sneak peak open house the day before it opened. It actually made me sad to see all of my old co-workers in one place again. My favorites either quit Starbucks all together or transferred to this new Starbucks. It will be nice having Starbucks connections right down the street from my house! It was fun reminiscing about our old store. It was also annoying seeing how nice this one is while our old store is literally falling apart. It's so weird thinking that Victoria and I working at Starbucks together is a closed chapter in our life already. It feels like just yesterday we came home from our road trip looking for jobs.

Shout out to Victoria and Euan from across the pond. Stop reading my blog!

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