Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Getting old has its perks
Carolyn: My friends and I from high school get together once a year. Things get pretty wild. Last year my friend suggested we switch things up and take each others pills, because we are old and pharmacists are our drug dealers, apparently.

Adulting is hard.
Ariana: Imagine being hungover and having to search for your Easter basket that your mom hid, because she won't accept the fact that your an adult. That was my life today.

WWAND (What Would A Nurse Do)
Mandee: If your friend, of course not you, had a little too much to drink and wants to take a nap in the middle of the street do them a favor and role them on their side. You don't want them to aspirate!

Emily: Because I care more about them choking on puke then getting hit by a car.

What Starbucks employee's find funny...
Carolyn: My friend is getting rotator cuff surgery tomorrow. I told her to stop masturbating so much, but she wouldn't listen.

Nursing instructors tips on avoiding Honeymoon cystitis
Mandee: Make sure you void after intercourse. There might be some....stuff....that you may want to use on your honeymoon that may be...flavored. That's really all you can do about that. If you need more information about this talk to me after class I would be happy to help you here. Just don't be so liberal with the sugar stuff. Alright, moving on!

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