Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weddings and other stuff

My moms cousins daughter got married on Saturday. I don't remember ever meeting the girl, but my family still got an invite! My mom introduced me to her cousin and I loved what she had to say about the importance of family. She mentioned that families grow apart, especially when everyone starts having kids and creating their own family, but that putting effort into staying in contact is so important. Use any excuse to get together! That's why her daughter had relatives at her wedding that she barely knows. My mom asked me to take a picture of her with her sisters and cousins. I was texting two of my cousins at the time and get sentimental, because that's going to be us in 40 years. All living different lives, but coming together for the important things in life.  

I then headed to Brennan's to hang out with him and a few of his friends.
We pre-gamed a bit and then headed downtown. 
I haven't decided if it is a good or bad thing that at every bar we went to I ran into someone I knew. 
I got to catch up with a lot of people!

Brennan has a really close knit group of friends and so far I have their approval!
They like to have a good time and be weird, which I most definitely approve of.
We ended up walking back to Brennan's house after bar close.
I don't remember much of the walk or even getting to Brennan's, but the next morning my contacts were out and I was in my pajamas. 
My drive of shame was done shoeless and my sunglasses were not doing a good job blocking out the sun. 
In other news, my cousin that I visited last weekend in Minneapolis texted me and said that she broke up with her girlfriend. I was really regretting my drunk talk with her about how she needed to break up with her girlfriend, but apparently my thoughts on the relationship were not completely out of line. 

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