Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.
It was fun as a kid, but nothing beats celebrating Halloween as an adult!
Brennan and I went with steampunk for our theme, because we are both nerdy and love steampunk.
Brennan's roommwates went as Leslie Knopp, Pitbull, Ariel, and Eric.
On Friday, we pre-gamed at Brennan's and headed downtown, which was surprisingly pretty dead. 
My friend Whitney then texted me about a costume party at some country bar.
So we decided to hop in an Uber and head that way.
It was $5 all you can drink beer, but somehow we ended up not paying for anything. 
I ended up running into a ton of people that I go to nursing school with at the bar, which was fun. 
ATwo bar fights started within 5 minutes of each other, which was probably the highlight of my night.

On Saturday night, Brennan and I went to my friend Amanda's Halloween party.
Her parents are the actual hosts and they know how to do Halloween.
Their entire house was decked out in decorations and there was so much food and alcohol.
All of Amanda's friends partied in the basement for the most part. 
I found it to be a very stereotypical millennial party.
We were all between the ages of 21 and 35, yet were partying in our friends parents basement. 
Amanda was kept double checking that the smell of weed wasn't getting upstairs not because she was afraid of getting in trouble, but because her mom didn't like the smell of weed. Being an adult is great.

I also found out I was partying with the "cool" auntof the kids I babysit for occasionally. Her name is Raine and my name is Rae so the kids are constantly calling me Raine. 
Small world!
We danced together for the majority of the night and she gave me her stamp of approval.

A bunch of us left the party at midnight to catch the band at Gasoline.
Gasoline is probably my favorite bar in Green Bay! 
The band was really good and I continued my night of dancing. 
We spent a lot of time just walking around looking at all the costumes as well. 
Some people get so creative!

At Bar close Brennan and I headed home.
All of Brennan's roommates happened to be getting home at the same time.
Kyle and Sebastian crawled in bed with Brennan and I.
All of my friends are really touchy and I love that Brennan's friends are the same way. 
Personal space is non-existent in our friend groups.
They stayed for about an hour and I probably spent the majority of that time laughing my ass off.

Everyone was suggesting that Brennan and I start going to steampunk events, which I would actually consider! I do love dressing up.
I would say that Halloween weekend 2016 was a success!
I got plenty of use out of my costume, I had a ton of fun, and I got to hang out with a lot of great people.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Skills Class

I am once again slacking on my blogging and I've already forgotten half the stuff I've done.
A few weeks ago my advanced nursing skills class ended!
Skills class is honestly one of the most stress inducing classes I've ever taken.
We basically learn a skill and then get to perform it in a fake hospital room with an instructor sitting in the corner grading you. It's so nerve wrecking! There's a lot of discrepancy between instructors so one could pass you and another could fail you for doing the exact same thing. So you never really know if you're going to pass or fail that skill.

After our final, we decided to have a good ole' fashion sleepover, which also included bar hopping, because we are adults. Emily just moved into an apartment above some shops right in downtown De Pere, which is a perfect location for bar hopping and not having to drive/uber!

We drank a few fish bowls, bitched about nurse stuff, peed in an alley, and stuffed our faces with pizza. It was the perfect way to celebrate together! 

We ended our night having heart to hearts in Emily's living room.
People really opening up is one of my favorite things about drinking.
You learn so much and get so much support!
It's a good reminder that everyone has shit that they are dealing with and you never have to be alone in dealing with it.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Over It

The past week and a half has been awful. I've been stressed to the max and it seems like things just keep going wrong. I'm hoping the universe is done messing with me, because I'm really over it.
  • I almost passed out during one of my skills check-off's. The 4 people that went before me had awful times, which resulted in two of them failing and one of them barely passing. So I was in freak out mode. I think the instructor only passed me, because she took pity on me. 

  • My dog Leo passed away from cancer. One day he seemed completely fine and the next he wasn't. All dogs go to heaven, right?

    • My car got a flat tire on my way to school for my check-off, which I thankfully noticed just down the road from my house. Thankfully my dad is handy and took care of it for me!

      • Victoria got pickpocketed in Amsterdam. She lost her ID's, credit card, debit card, school card, and some cash. Technically, it is not my problem, but of course I've added it to my list of worries.

      • I had a fun Saturday night planned last weekend, but was home wasted by midnight only doing one of my fun things. I don't even know what happened! Poor Brennan had to drag my ass home. I guess this one is my own fault, but damn it has been a while since I've been the one that needed to be taken care of.

      • I woke up on Sunday so hungover and found some lovely white paint on my car bumper. We took an uber downtown and  so this wasn't my fault! 

      • EKG Check-Off
        • You get to be in a fake hospital room with a fake patient(simulator) and be evaluated on how well you take care of the patient. At one point something goes wrong with the patient and you have to attempt to take care of the problem and not kill your patient. You get to do all of this while an instructor sits in the corner and judges you. My hands were shaking so badly I could barely listen to heart and lung sounds! Thankfully I passed.

      • Complex Health Alterations Exam
        • This is supposedly the hardest class in nursing school. So that thought is always hanging around my head. In my nursing program, you need to get an 80% in the class and a 80% test average so there isn't room for a bad exam grade. That pressure is always fun. 

      • My car decided to not start in my college's parking lot Thursday night. We couldn't figure out the problem so the next day my dad towed it to a mechanic. The part it needs won't be available until next week, which means I'm car less for a few days.

      • My phone was MIA for an entire day and I found out that I'm addicted to my phone. I never realized how dependent I was on it!

      Tuesday, October 4, 2016

      Dixie Chicks and Couchsurfing

      I hosted my first ever couch surfer!
      The couch surfing community has been one of my favorite parts of traveling and I have met so many great people. I decided it was time that I return the favor and host someone. 
      Goran is from Germany and was on a month long adventure checking out the US. 
      He's a big Packer fan and came to town for a game.
       The first night Brennan and I took him out downtown.
      Goran doesn't drink, but still wanted to participate in the night life.
      We played pool and just got to know each other.

      The next day I had tickets to the Dixie Chicks concert. 
      My dad was going to go, but offered his ticket to Goran.
      Goran rented a mustang convertible for his time in Green Bay and insisted he all enjoy it.
      We shouldn't have even bothered to do our hair before the concert, because we "needed" to drive with the top down.
      We pre-gamed at a bar near the Resch Center and it was packed.
      We finally found an open table and ended up sharing it with a really cool couple that came to town for the concert. 

      The concert was so much fun!
      I loved the Dixie Chicks growing up and seeing them live was a childhood dream of mine.
      They mocked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton a few times, which I highly enjoyed. 
      Emily and I got a little drunk, sang our hearts out, and danced like no one was watching.
      Goran said he is now a Dixie Chicks fan!

      Afterwards we headed downtown to drink some more.
      I loved that Goran didn't drink and always offered to be the designated driver!
      Does that make me a bad host?
      On Sunday, I decided to join up with some friends tailgating near Lambeau. I wanted Goran to get the full game day experience. I was so hungover and exhausted from the night before, but I put my own game face on and made sure he got the most out of the experience.

      So my first couch surfer couldn't have been better!
      He invited me to spend Christmas with his family in Germany and to Barcelona for New Years Eve.
      I haven't really thought about where I would like to go during my time in Europe, but I do hope I meet up with Goran at some point.