Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dixie Chicks and Couchsurfing

I hosted my first ever couch surfer!
The couch surfing community has been one of my favorite parts of traveling and I have met so many great people. I decided it was time that I return the favor and host someone. 
Goran is from Germany and was on a month long adventure checking out the US. 
He's a big Packer fan and came to town for a game.
 The first night Brennan and I took him out downtown.
Goran doesn't drink, but still wanted to participate in the night life.
We played pool and just got to know each other.

The next day I had tickets to the Dixie Chicks concert. 
My dad was going to go, but offered his ticket to Goran.
Goran rented a mustang convertible for his time in Green Bay and insisted he all enjoy it.
We shouldn't have even bothered to do our hair before the concert, because we "needed" to drive with the top down.
We pre-gamed at a bar near the Resch Center and it was packed.
We finally found an open table and ended up sharing it with a really cool couple that came to town for the concert. 

The concert was so much fun!
I loved the Dixie Chicks growing up and seeing them live was a childhood dream of mine.
They mocked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton a few times, which I highly enjoyed. 
Emily and I got a little drunk, sang our hearts out, and danced like no one was watching.
Goran said he is now a Dixie Chicks fan!

Afterwards we headed downtown to drink some more.
I loved that Goran didn't drink and always offered to be the designated driver!
Does that make me a bad host?
On Sunday, I decided to join up with some friends tailgating near Lambeau. I wanted Goran to get the full game day experience. I was so hungover and exhausted from the night before, but I put my own game face on and made sure he got the most out of the experience.

So my first couch surfer couldn't have been better!
He invited me to spend Christmas with his family in Germany and to Barcelona for New Years Eve.
I haven't really thought about where I would like to go during my time in Europe, but I do hope I meet up with Goran at some point.

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