Friday, October 14, 2016

Over It

The past week and a half has been awful. I've been stressed to the max and it seems like things just keep going wrong. I'm hoping the universe is done messing with me, because I'm really over it.
  • I almost passed out during one of my skills check-off's. The 4 people that went before me had awful times, which resulted in two of them failing and one of them barely passing. So I was in freak out mode. I think the instructor only passed me, because she took pity on me. 

  • My dog Leo passed away from cancer. One day he seemed completely fine and the next he wasn't. All dogs go to heaven, right?

    • My car got a flat tire on my way to school for my check-off, which I thankfully noticed just down the road from my house. Thankfully my dad is handy and took care of it for me!

      • Victoria got pickpocketed in Amsterdam. She lost her ID's, credit card, debit card, school card, and some cash. Technically, it is not my problem, but of course I've added it to my list of worries.

      • I had a fun Saturday night planned last weekend, but was home wasted by midnight only doing one of my fun things. I don't even know what happened! Poor Brennan had to drag my ass home. I guess this one is my own fault, but damn it has been a while since I've been the one that needed to be taken care of.

      • I woke up on Sunday so hungover and found some lovely white paint on my car bumper. We took an uber downtown and  so this wasn't my fault! 

      • EKG Check-Off
        • You get to be in a fake hospital room with a fake patient(simulator) and be evaluated on how well you take care of the patient. At one point something goes wrong with the patient and you have to attempt to take care of the problem and not kill your patient. You get to do all of this while an instructor sits in the corner and judges you. My hands were shaking so badly I could barely listen to heart and lung sounds! Thankfully I passed.

      • Complex Health Alterations Exam
        • This is supposedly the hardest class in nursing school. So that thought is always hanging around my head. In my nursing program, you need to get an 80% in the class and a 80% test average so there isn't room for a bad exam grade. That pressure is always fun. 

      • My car decided to not start in my college's parking lot Thursday night. We couldn't figure out the problem so the next day my dad towed it to a mechanic. The part it needs won't be available until next week, which means I'm car less for a few days.

      • My phone was MIA for an entire day and I found out that I'm addicted to my phone. I never realized how dependent I was on it!

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