Friday, October 28, 2016

Skills Class

I am once again slacking on my blogging and I've already forgotten half the stuff I've done.
A few weeks ago my advanced nursing skills class ended!
Skills class is honestly one of the most stress inducing classes I've ever taken.
We basically learn a skill and then get to perform it in a fake hospital room with an instructor sitting in the corner grading you. It's so nerve wrecking! There's a lot of discrepancy between instructors so one could pass you and another could fail you for doing the exact same thing. So you never really know if you're going to pass or fail that skill.

After our final, we decided to have a good ole' fashion sleepover, which also included bar hopping, because we are adults. Emily just moved into an apartment above some shops right in downtown De Pere, which is a perfect location for bar hopping and not having to drive/uber!

We drank a few fish bowls, bitched about nurse stuff, peed in an alley, and stuffed our faces with pizza. It was the perfect way to celebrate together! 

We ended our night having heart to hearts in Emily's living room.
People really opening up is one of my favorite things about drinking.
You learn so much and get so much support!
It's a good reminder that everyone has shit that they are dealing with and you never have to be alone in dealing with it.

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