Friday, November 4, 2016

Ladies Night

When my friend Brittney texted me saying she wanted to have a girls night I was shocked!
It is almost impossible to get her out of her wife/mom/employee routine.
So I was down for whatever she had planned!
On Thursday, a group of us got together for sushi and copious amounts of alcohol.

After sushi, we didn't want to let a good buzz go to waste, so we walked to the Keweenaw for $7 fishbowls. Emily joined us there and got to meet everyone. I love when friend group get to mix and get along so well! 

Somehow Brittney and I got put in charge of picking out music on the jukebox.
We spent the majority of the time dying of laughter trying to chose songs.
Finding everything funny is one of my favorite parts of drinking.
We didn't even know half the songs that we picked, but the majority of them were a hit!
I would say we were successful. 

As the night went on our group got smaller, but the night keep getting better!
At one point I wanted to introduce Brittney and Monica to the rooftop.
It's a journey getting up to it, but the view is pretty great.
Brittney was the only one in a dress, but she hiked it up and made it to the roof with us!
That bar really needs to do something about making the roof easily accessible to drunk people.

Brittney surprisingly lasted until 1am even though she had to get up at 5am.
She definitely needed a night out and was taking full advantage!
After getting Brittney an Uber the rest of us went to another bar to continue dancing. 
Monica was the dancing queen and made sure that we stayed on the dance floor with her.
After bar close we got Toppers and headed to Emily's.
I barely remember what happened at Emily's, but there was a point where Emily fell when she was trying to walk around all of us. She wasn't wearing pants and just ate shit. I know I should be more concerned when people fall, but it is so funny!

The next morning I woke up to find that Kaitlyn had left me.
So Adam so kindly drove me home, while Emily struggled to get ready for work.
Drinking always sounds like a good idea, until you wake up hungover and realize you can't just waste a day laying in bed. 
Note to self: Never say yes to Kaitlyn driving.
I knew that it would be a fun girls night, but it definitely exceeded my expectations!
I love all the ladies in my life and bringing a group of them together is always a good time. 

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