Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

How is Thanksgiving over already?! I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving food for next year. On Thanksgiving day, I had breakfast with Andrea at the truck stop, which I have not been to in so long!

Afterwards, I headed to my Aunt Julie's house for Thanksgiving with my moms side of the family. It was the typical family holiday where we all caught up with each other. My cousin Chris brought his new girlfriend and I actually liked this one! My mom brought up Trump, which was probably one of her worst ideas. It would have been fine if I wasn't there, because apparently I'm the only one that finds him to be a joke. Unfortunately, the family members that don't like Trump weren't were out of town so I was on my own. I did try to keep my mouth shut and let them say their jokes about liberals and millennials, but they crossed the line when they starting excusing his behavior towards women. It was a short lived conversation after that.

Brennan and I then went to my friend Carolyn's for another round of food. We had such great conversation about life and her kids kept telling us stories from their childhood which were hilarious.
Our time flew by and it was finally time to go shopping.
I ended up buying sheets with animals wearing glasses.
I blame the copious amounts of wine I had consumed at Carolyns for that one. 

On Friday, Sarah came over to watch the final four episodes of Gilmore Girls with Andrea and my sister. We consumed way too much food and alcohol during our six hour binge!
Sydney came to town afterwards and we all headed to De Pere to meet up with Emily and her friends.
At one of the bars "My Heart Will Go On" was playing and all of a sudden the music stopped. Everyone at the bar kept singing, until we realized that the actual music had stopped.
It was a movie like moment.
We randomly ran into Anthony and Clifton at another bar, which was a nice surprise!
My favorite part of the night was the fall that Sarah and I shared. 
I hope whoever was watching was entertained!
I'm sad to see another holiday in the books and I don't even want to think about returning to school.
Fortunately, I'm just that much closer to Europe!

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