Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Europe: Christmas Day in England

Josh woke us up bright and early to open presents.
Alex's family was so sweet and got all three of us a bag of stuff with things like Yorkshire tea, Lush products, chocolate, and beer. They even got me a cat keychain! Lisa brought out the mimosa's after we finished our tea. Lisa bought herself, Alex, and Abbi matching dresses, which was adorable even though Alex didn't think it was. Alex's grandparents arrived and they were so sweet! All the girls piled into Abbi's room to do our make-up for Chrismas dinner. 
Before we ate we all stood around the table and pulled what they called "crackers". They popped open and revealed paper crowns and tiny trinkets. Everyone wore their crown during dinner. The dinner was pretty similar to an American christmas dinner with a few additional things like a veg jelly spread that you put on bread with brie cheese and yorkshire pudding.
After dinner we headed to the living room and watched The Queen's Speech. 
Everyone fell asleep at some point! 
I called my parents and Brennan for a short period of time, while Alex decided to test out her new drink mixing set. Her cocktail creations were so good! Josh decided to pull out his Pie Face game, which was not fun. Alex, Whitney, Victoria, and I decided to play Fuck Pyramid, but changed the name to just pyramid for Josh could join. 
We wanted John and Lisa to join our drinking games and they actually did!
We found out that they were master drink chuggers. After Fuck pyramid we played circle of death. We completely forgot that the game "Never Have I Ever" was involved. Poor Alex had to find out way too many things about her parents because of that.  At one point I just started to eat the leftover turkey in the fridge and the next day John mentioned only finding a carcass left. Oops! 

We all got so drunk.
John and Lisa loved us so much that they invited us to their friends party the next day. 
Victoria kept shouting, "Get out of my mom's car!" 
I'm sure she woke up the entire neighborhood on our walk home.

This was easily one of my favorite Christmas days!
Alex's family went all out for us and really made us feel apart of the family. 

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