Monday, December 26, 2016

Europe: Christmas Eve

We surprisingly dragged ourselves out of bed around noon after our night out in Doncaster. Whitney was the most hungover and struggled most of the day. We walked over to Alex's house to watch Christmas movies. It's a tradition to go to the pub on Christmas Eve so after getting ourselves put together we headed over. All the kids were running around and the adults were mingling and getting drunk. Lisa was keeping track of Santa's location so all the kids were running up to her. At one point I went outside with Victoria to smoke and a few of the dads joined us. They were telling us stories about their travels and talking about Trump. It was really nice! We ended the night back at Alex's house watching Love Actually and drinking champagne. Lisa was so funny and was updating us about drama in her friend group. We decided to spend the night so we could wake up and open presents right away with them. It was a good Christmas Eve surrounded by amazing people. I also think I want to make the pub tradition part of my future Christmas Eve's.
Santa and his reindeer's food

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