Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Europe: Christmas Party

Alex and Abbi had to head to Leeds to celebrate Christmas with their dad on the 26th.
We didn't have anything going on so John and Lisa invited us to one of their friends Christmas parties. Victoria and I always find ourselves partying with older adults! We walked over to Brad and Kate's house with Claire and Jaime. We drank Old Mout Cider(Lime and Kiwi being my favorite flavor) on the walk over there. If you ever go to England drink the hard cider! I have never tasted better cider. 
All the adults were drinking and dancing in the kitchen!
We were treated like celebrities and everyone kept calling us, "The Americans."
Apparently, a few days earlier one of them saw us walking down the street and called John and Lisa to tell them that they had spotted "The Americans." 
A 98 year old man kept feeding Whitney and I shots, because we wanted to get "The Americans" drunk. How can you say, "No" to a cute old man?
A little girl asked me if I was a real life american...
The garage was the ultimate man cave and we spent a lot of time out there.
My favorite part of the night was everyone dancing and letting loose. 
Claire brought a giant pitcher and kept filling it up with a random mixture of alcohol and pouring everyone shots. She was the ultimate shot queen! At one point in the night I was running away from her, because I couldn't handle anymore shots. She was handing out shots even when she could barely stand herself and her attempts at pouring shots left more liquor on the floor than in the glasses.

At one point we were standing outside with Baz, Bailey, and Jaime talking to them about their sex lives. It was good insight into our future when we are old and married, except we kinda re-confirmed we didn't want to get married. Baz tried to teach me how to dance and that failed. I also tried to go on a hover board, but was too drunk to get anywhere. 

There were kids running around everywhere, while their parents got wasted.
It was great.
It reminded me of my childhood with my friend Katie.
Her parents were always throwing parties and we were always running around oblivious to the shenanigans the adults were getting themselves into.
At one point some of the guys were writing dirty things into the dirt on Kate and Brad's cars and blaming it on the kids. 
Whitney headed home early and Victoria and I stuck around even after John and Lisa left.

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