Saturday, December 31, 2016

Europe: Den Haag, Netherlands and Clair's Arrival

We woke up to a text saying that Clair(not Claire from England) was arriving soon! We quickly tried to clean up the room to make room for her. Once she arrived we hit up the grocery store for real food. We made breakfast and headed to Smokey's, while Clair took a quick nap.

We then went back to the Student Hotel to pick up Clair and Nin. We walked to Grote Markt, which is like a small town square surrounded by bars. I was introduced to La Chouffe, which is my favorite beer! We hit up Septembers for a few drinks and Victoria introduced us to bitterballs, which is like a deep-fried meatball that are famous in the Netherlands. 

When we decided to head home we made it only a few hundred feet before deciding we needed another drink and stopped at The American Bar. After drinking we got some chips(fries) and hung outside for a while, before heading back inside to make a pizza. It was a low key day, but was much needed.

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